Wiki how is a comprehensive Online Wiki style Community consisting of an extensive database of how to guides aiming to help people learn how to do a wide variety of tasks you can know literally everything here now imagine what if can make videos with these unlimited how to guides what will be the

Result I think it’s a great opportunity for you in today’s video I will share the step-by-step method of making YouTube videos from a Wiki how article so without further Ado let’s Dive In this is deid and you are watching AI lockup first of all we need to select a

Nich or topic because we can’t make videos on every topic always try to select a valuable and demanding Niche it will help you to gain a quick success let’s ask chat GPT to do some research on our behalf just follow the steps after logging into my chat GPT account I

Am typing are you familiar with wikiHow as you can see chat GPT is familiar with wikiHow now I am asking for the top 10 demanding niches of Wiki how after getting the result we have to select one Niche or topic always select a topic you are interested in for example I am

Selecting personal finance and money management now I will ask for the top 10 popular personal finance and money management articles on Wiki how and here it is chat GPT provides us the 10 popular articles on Wiki how on this particular Niche now let’s select one of

Them and then open a new tab and visit after coming to the wikiHow homepage search for your desired topic you will find several articles on your topic select which one has the most value as it is already popular it will increase the chance of going viral now

The question is will we make a video directly with this article absolutely not it may be the cause of copyright infringement instead of copying the article we will rewrite the article as a video script with chat GPT to do this come back to chat GPT and type please

Write a YouTube video script with this article and then paste the article link now there is a problem you need chat GPT plus to write a video script with an article link if you don’t have a paid plan don’t worry there is an alternative I already made a video on it you can

Watch it from the eye button all right our video script is ready now let’s create the actual video to create the video you can generate the voiceover collect related stock footage and edit them with a video editor however I will generate my video with an all-in-one AI

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Video generator called fleeky AI if you don’t know about fleeky you can access it from this QR code or just search for fleeky AI on Google after getting the search result click on the first link okay after coming to the fleeky AI homepage start for free from here if

Your first time you have to create an account with Google or email account after creating the account your interface will be like this one here you can see some of my previous projects Now to create a new video click on new file from here a popup will appear we need to

Enter the data about our project first of all we have to select the file type you will get three options as we want to create a video so I am selecting a video from here after that enter your file name next select the language of your video

And then set the accents after that you have to set the aspect ratio as I am making a video for YouTube I am selecting 69 in the end you will find options for start with as we already have a script I will go with the script after all is set

Hit the submit button on the next we have to enter the script on this box let’s go back to chat GPT copy the video script and then paste it into the fleeky AI script box now before going to the next step we have to do some customization on your script you may

Notice that chat GPT suggests visual suggestions we have to delete them keep only the narration part of the script and delete all other elements now if you think your video going to be longer than you think then turn on the summarize option from here and after that set the video duration

You want if you are making a video for YouTube then my suggestion is to turn it off next select the media type to make the video more engaging I will go with the video after that you can select templates from here to bring a customized look to your video you will

Get a vast number of templates here you can choose anyone from here I will skip it this time okay after the templates set the sound effects next the AI media if you want to generate images with AI and use them on your video turn it on although it could be a game Cher

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Sometimes but I will skip it for this time our next feature is the AI Avatar it’s a very important feature in this type of video a presenter can add extra value to the video so I will turn it on after that you can add headings if you want

After all is set hit the submit button from here now fleeky will analyze the script and generate the video for us and here it is our video is ready let’s have a preview is the Cornerstone of sound Financial Health but where do you start today we’re diving into the essentials

Of building a budget that works for You the voiceover sounds good but the visuals need to be improved don’t worry we can do it easily let’s start with the very first scene first of all to change the Avatar click on the Avatar preview icon from here you will find a vast number of avatars here select your

Preferred one next to change the background scene click on the media preview icon from here you will find a vast number of related scenes to the script select which one is the best fit for you after that let’s move forward to the second scene first let’s change the background media after changing the

Background media you may notice that there is no Avatar in this scene but I want to add an avatar to the scene to do that click on ADD layer from here you will find some options select Avatar to add an avatar to the scene next in the

Third scene you may notice that fleeky is not suggesting any media in that case you have to search with one keyword associated with the scene after adding the background media add the Avatar if needed in this way preview and customize all of the scenes all right after completing the

Scene editing if you want to change the voice actor select one scene and then click on the voice actor name under the voiceover you will find a vast number of ultra realistic AI voice actors now listen to some of them and then select the best fit for you after selecting the

Voice actor scroll down and click on apply to all voiceovers otherwise you have to change the voice actor from all of the scenes okay now to generate a voiceover with the new voice actor click on the play button from here creating a household budget is the Cornerstone of

Sound Financial Health but where do you start today now you may notice that our our after is not talking at all to solve this issue we have to create Avatar videos click on the scene where you use the Avatar and then select the Avatar layer after that come to the right tool

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Panel and hit the generate Avatar video button from here in this way generate Avatar video from all other scenes all right after the Avatar video generation we will focus on the captions you can customize the captions templates text font size color background and display type give some time to make the subtitle

Or caption more appealing okay our editing is completed now to download the video click on the download button on this page select the video resolution and format and then hit the export and then start button now fleeky ai will take some time to render the video let’s

First forward this part and here it is our video is ready click on the download button to save the video on your device let’s enjoy the video together creating the household budget is the Cornerstone of sound Financial Health but where do you start today we’re diving into the

Essentials of building a budget that works for you and your loved ones welcome back to AI Finance where we turn Financial chaos into order if you’re struggling to keep track of your expenses or saving for that dream vacation you’re in the right place let’s break down the steps to create a

Household budget inspired by wik house expert advice step one is all about understanding your financial landscape gather your financial statements and let’s get a clear picture of where your money is going this step is crucial it’s like setting up the foundation for your financial house without I think it’s a

Great video in a very short time you can make it better than me all right friends I will wrap up our video now before that I would love to hear about your experience of creating video from Wiki how with AI share your thoughts and results in the comments section below

Don’t forget to like this video if you found it helpful and subscribe to our channel for more amazing tutorials like this one thank you so much for watching and until next time happy creating

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