AI video makers and editors are seriously upping their game now it’s super easy to whip up videos that grab attention and draw people in all with just a few clicks but there’s a catch often these tools don’t give us the flexibility we need to tweak our videos

Just right well guess what today I’ve got something special for you I’m talking about an AI powered video editor that’s changing the game not only can you create videos from Simple Text prompts but you also get to edit your Creations like a true video wizard so

Let’s not wait any longer and jump right into the details we may know the wondershare filora as one of the most popular video editors yes Filmore gained huge popularity for its userfriendly and easy to use interface with this video editor you can edit your video like a pro recently Flora introduced a vast

Number of AI features such as AI co-pilot editing text based editing music generator text to video a copyrighting and many more which will make the video creation Journey easier and more effective than before today I will make a video with film Mora AI features let’s start if you are new to

Filora you must download and install it on your system I will put the link in the description simply download and install the apps on your device after that launch the app once you install the app your interface be like this one here you may notice some of my previous video

Projects yes I edit my videos with fil Mora on the on the top of the projects you will notice some tools first with the instant mode you can edit your videos in just a few Clips you have to just select a template from here and then import your media filmora will

Create your video with them according to the templates after that with the screen recorder you can record the screen that means you don’t need to use another screen recorder if you are making videos like me next text to video with this tool you can turn your script into a video

There are some other important features are also available we will explore them later now let’s start with the text to video tool to start creating our video after selecting the text to video feature we have to enter the script you can generate a script from your idea

With fimora 2 to do this click on the generated by AI from here now select the text type I am selecting the informative and explanatory next type the topic here for example I am entering the 10 most beautiful places in the world after that type a detailed description of your

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Topic enter as much data as possible after all is set hit the generate button and here it is our script is ready now we can customize the script and generate videos with this script do some customization if you want after that to generate the video select your

Video language and then set a voice actor at this moment there are only four voices in the English language I expect wondershare will add more voice soon okay now set the aspect ratio of your video I will go with 69 after all is set hit the text to

Video button from here now fil Mora will take some time to analyze the script and generate a video for us let’s fast forward this part and here it is our video is ready now you can export the video or customize it with more AI powered Fe features let’s do some customization

First of all the filmora co-pilot if you have any questions or need help you can ask for help on co-pilot for example I want to remove the background of this video so I am typing help me to cut the character from the video you can see the filmora co-pilot suggesting we use the

Smart cutout feature to use the smart cutout feature select the video clips you want to cut after that come to the AI tool tab from here you will find AI features like the chroma key if you want to remove any color object use this feature basically

It is used to remove the green screen if you want to remove any other color just select the Color Picker tool and then select the color and you can see our color has been removed our next AI powered tool is AI portrait with this tool you can cut the portrait and remove

Other objects from the frame here you can see you can adjust the feather to adjust the the quality after that this is the Smart cutout with this tool you can keep or remove any object by selecting the area after coming to this page simply select

The area you want to keep on your video you can customize the brush size and Edge after selecting the area click here now it will track the motion and finalize the video if you want to find tune more then you can use the advanced options also

All right after all is set hit the save button and you can see the result that’s really amazing after that the motion tracking service with this tool you can track any object’s motion and then link it to another object from your computer or blur it with Mosaic effects next with the stabilization tool

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You can stabilize shaky video and in the end with the lens correction tool you can customize lens properties all right now now let’s move forward to the next feature mask here you will find a vast number of mask templates but this new mask is incredible it allows you to create

Multiple masks in two ways first with the smart brush you can select any object and create the mask next with the select character option AI will detect the character you have to just select it and with the select object option you can select any detected object to create

The mask okay now let’s talk about the media if you want to change any video clips or any media from the timeline simply come to the media bin import the media and then insert it on the timeline you can use over 30 million free royalty-free stock footage from the SC media tab here

You will find every kind of video clip and image in various use cases you can use media from popular stock footage hubs like pxel giy pixpay and unsplash not only that we can generate images with AI if needed to do this come to the A I image tab now and click here after

Coming to this page we have to enter the text prompt and next set the aspect ratio and image style after all is set hit the generate button and here it is our image is ready now you can use it on your video in this way customize the visuals according to

Need all right after completing the visual editing now let’s talk about the audio section background music is very important to to create impact but collecting related bgm or sound effects is tough sometimes it brings copyright infringement to solve this issue you can use AI music by filur after coming to

The AI music tab click here now set the mood theme and genre after that set the tempo duration and then number of tracks after all is set hit the start button and here it is Filmore music generator generates two music tracks for us now listen to them and then select

The best you can add both music clips to your video click on the download icon to save the music clips on your app to add the music to your video come to the generated tab here you will find all of the generated music clips simply drag

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And drop the clips on the timeline now you can notice that our music clip length is shorter than the video now if you insert another clip or this clip again the sound won’t match to solve this issue we can use this audio stretch tool simply select the tool and then adjust the length

According to the video timeline and here it is now it’s a single audio clip there are so many other amazing tools and features available on the film AA which make video editing so easy it’s not possible to explore all of the features in one video if you want to make more

Videos on film let me know in the comments section we can make a series on film all right now add some Transitions and effects to make the video more engaging after all is set hit the export button and Export the video on your device it will take some time to render

The video Let’s fast forward this part and here it is our video is ready let’s have a look our planet is a tapestry of beauty woven with places so stunning they defy description today we embark on a journey to explore the 10 most beautiful places in the world

Places that capture the heart and soul where Nature’s Artistry and human marbles blend seamlessly Welcome to our countdown number 10 Antelope Canyon USA at number 10 we find ourselves in the heart of the American southwest Antelope Canyon a masterpiece carved by water and time with its wav likee structure and light beams that

Dance on the Sandstone walls it’s a photographer’s Paradise number nine merine Lake Canada number nine takes us to the pristine Waters of marine lake in Canada in this way you can generate an edit engaging videos for your YouTube channel all right friends I will wrap up our

Video now before that I would love to hear about your experience of creating videos with AI share your thoughts and results in the comments section below don’t forget to like this video if you found it helpful and subscribe to our channel for more amazing tutorials like

This one thank you so much for watching Ing and until next time happy Creating

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