Today I’m going to show you exactly how to rank number one with plexity 3.0 and claud’s model Claud 3 Opus this is honestly one of the best AI SEO tools I’ve seen out there it’s very very powerful so we’re going to test out run some workflows to see what happens

Is inside perplexity which is fat based storm you can get free access to this but you can also upgrade so I’m going to upgrade for everyone watching so that you can see what it’s like and you can see we now have access to plot in side

Here now if you want free access to G Amber plexity you don’t have to upgrade this is just something I want to show you so that you can see how powerful it is and what we’ll do is we’ll actually pull up chat GPT for and then we can

Compare side by side how they look and when you start typing you’ll see that you can select Claude 3 Opus or you can choose Sonic or Haiku right now Opus is the most intelligent model you’ve got Sonic which is like in between speed and intelligence and then you’ve got Hau

Which is the fastest model so let’s test out and see how it goes right so one interesting things you can actually take images like you can see right here upload them into Claude and then generate descriptions for that product right so let’s say you have an e-commerce store or some info products

You could actually put in the image into Claude and then get it to describe the content that’s inside the image now what we can also try is this from right here which is read through the article does it sound like a real n expert talking enthusiastically about the topic or does

It sound dull corporate and mechanical please edit any awkward phrasing to make it sound more lively and engaging right basically you take the content from your existing article and this is a good way to edit your content and then get rid of the awkward boring stuff that’s not

Going to keep people reading right so for example you can see paragraph one we’ll discuss the importance of lead generation foro agencies and provide you with proven strategies to attract clients and you can see the edited version is a lot more interesting engaging and will probably hook people

In a lot better now it tells you exactly which paragraph have to edit content and you can see the before and after is just much more interesting in terms of the content right so the original bit boring bit awkward afterwards the content is a lot more engaging uses more interesting

Words and the copyright is just overall better versus the original and then you know exactly what to change in the article where to change it and how to reword it now another little workflow that you can actually use is for keyword research what you can actually do is use

A free tool like Google ads Keyword Planner and then go to discover new keywords click click on start a website over here and then plug in a relevant website that you want to check keywords for you can choose whether you use the entire site or only that page I would

Recommend entire site once we hit get result select sell what you’ll see here is a bunch of keywords that you can use in your workflow so if we takee those keywords and you can select all 2000 if you want and then what we’re going to do is Click download keyword ideas in the

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Right over here click Google Sheets and we’ll export that to a Google sheet once that’s ready we’ll click open sheet now we have a bunch of keywords from our competitor and you can do this for any website that is your competitor so if we take those keywords right here we’ll

Plug it into CLA like so so you can see I pasted in the keywords and then just something as basic as like cling these keywords into pages that I want from my website and then what it’s going to do from here is basically cluster your keywords into categories and relevant

Pages right so you got the main category at the top and then you’ve got the pages underneath so for example affiliate marketing Basics and then what is affiliate marketing how affiliate marketing Works benefits of affiliate marketing Etc then it’s created a beginner category right here and best affiliate program section Etc and the

Good thing about claw 3 Opus is that it can just handle a massive context window now you can do that with the free version or the paid version I think it’s going to work by way now what we can also do is take our existing article and

Basically say review the article for any claims and statements at a service level only expand on these by providing more detailed examples and explanation for why sash how it achieves the claimed benef a to help the reader truly understand about you right and so if we hit ENT

Exel it will tell you exactly how to improve your content so for example it tells you exactly where the article needs to be improved right here and the reasons why plus how you can improve it and then you can do that for each part of the content now you don’t have to

Just use Claude in fact I would highly recommend using placey as well because it’s going to avoid a lot of the hallucination and it’s going to improve the fat checking of your content as well right so for example if we look at this particular video right here which is a

Nice little workflow and I’ll include it in the show notes from today basically it’s got this cool prompt about developing a python script to read customer data as a CSV cleaning the analyze it and basically understand your customers data right better so what you can actually do is take a screenshot

From that content or any content where you want the prompt select the model that you want to use so we’re going to select CLA free inside the settings of perplexity then it will actually transcribe the image into words as you can see right here so if you ever

Watching any of my videos and you want to get the prom directly from the video feel free to just screenshot it and then plug it into a to like plexity and transcribe that into the prom so that you don’t need to type out or manually search for it right and then that should

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Save you a lot of time so what you can also do from here is you can say develop a python script and then from here thex T using claw 3 can actually create a python screen for analyzing your customer data the better you understand the customers the more money you’re

Going to make right and there’s your python code ready to go now what you can actually do is you can take your content from your original article plug it into a tool laxity you can say fact check the content to point out any places the content is misleading or requires

External resources right then it will look through the content explain whether it sound advice or not explain where you can improve the content and have more references and then additionally later on you can actually say give me some external link to this article and it’ll give you a bunch of relevant case

Studies statistics and useful resources you can insert inside your content now additionally from here there are three different options on the aray right so you can see you can generate images you can generate paintings photographs illustrations or diagrams and then you can also search videos and you can share that with your

Team in the top right and you can add this to a collection now coming back to CL and complexity they’ve actually released a prom to the library as well so Claude is owned by anthropic and as you can see right there’s a bunch of different prompts right here so for example website

Wizards Google app scripts all sorts of stuff another way that you can actually use CLA free is you can generate top of the funnel middle of the funnel and bottom of the funnel keywords for whatever Niche you’re in right so for example let’s say you’re in the SEO link building Niche

And you like right give me top of the funnel middle of the funnel and bottom of the funnel keywords for my Niche and basically what this is going to separate your key by is he intent right so obviously top of the funnel keywords very informational people are not ready

To buy yet Etc then you’ve got middle of the funnel which is getting closer and then bottom of the funnel will be people looking for like white hat link Building Services link building consultations Etc and then you can easily either give it a list of keywords you already have and

Sort them that way or you can generate a new list of keywords based on this funnel approach and just easily identify the ones that going to make you the most money now one of the benefits to useing perplexity is actually if you go on claw three uh even if you’re a premium

Subscriber from what I can see you can’t add custom instructions right so for example if you go to customize chat GPT you can insert instructions about who you are and how you would like chat GPT to respond which is really really useful whereas if you go on to call 3 it

Doesn’t seem to have the option right so even if you go to account settings right here this is all you get but if you’re inside perplexity what you can do is if you go to your profile right here in your settings you can actually set up some instructions about yourself in in

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Terms of how you want publicity to actually respond and if you put some personal information about you it will actually ask you questions to personalize your content even more which is pretty interesting so what you can do is put some personalized information about you and then the responses that

You get are going to be more personalized when you actually generate that content which is going to make it more unique and it will ask you some questions about who you are your experiences Etc just to personalize your content even more now if you actually go into claw

There’s definitely some down so for example if you askot are you connected to the internet it’s not actually connected to the internet and the information is updated to August 2023 as of the responsive CLA whereas for example if you use chap GPT you can enable web browsing right so

You can search the internet and get real time information and if you actually go to perplexity and you click on Focus right here you can click search across the entire internet and then if you say what happened today it will actually give you links to news that actually

Happened today right so for example this article is from Wednesday 13th of March and therefore I would honestly say that if you’re going to use one of these tools for AI SEO probably BLC is going to be best and you also get access to a

Bunch of other models so you can see for example you get access to mistol Claude GPT experimental by the way if you want me to do a review on mistol as well let me know and then you can choose between different image generation models you got stable diffusion Dar playground I

Would honestly say that whilst clae is good it’s not connected to the internet and you don’t get as much access to different models right it’s also a little bit slow when it’s responding as you can see and it can’t generate images unlike complexity which can generate

Images and also has access to those AI SEO so thanks much for watching what I’ve actually done is put this inside my free chat GPT SEO course in the quality control section so if you check out complex and cl 3 Opus March 204 you’ll see the prompts and SP from today

And I’ve shown you exactly how to screenshot my prompt and then just generate the prompts anyway if you’re just halfway through watching the video I want to do that with claw 3 now if you do want to book in a free SEO strategy section about how to get more lease

Traffic and sales using SEO feel free to book the in we’ll give you a free SEO domination plan you’ll discover the secret of Link building you’ll get your questions answered and you’ll discover how to quickly outrank you comp benit feel free to book in thanks so much for watching appreciate it bye-bye

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