Today I’m going to show you exactly how I use perplexity and Claude AI you can see them both lined up there and I’m going to show you exactly how to use both of these free aiso tools to create pages to get 1,400 traffic as you can see in literally like 24 hours absolutely

Insane let me show you how the process works I absolutely love it just like you do let’s go all right let’s get straight into it then so no messing around today you can see this page right here 1,400 traffic I literally published it yesterday and I’m going to show you the

Workflow that I actually used to do this to the first step but I normally like to do is I’ll go onto a tool like YouTube and I will type in my Niche into the search channel as you can see right here then I’m going to scroll down and I’m

Going to sort by view count this week and I like to look up videos and I’ll explain why in a second then what you end up finding is Pages like light you can see right here shout out to Matt dig the Awesome YouTube channel and you can

See that his particular video right here if we plug this into YouTube from searching the trending SEO videos this week you can see that it’s actually ranking for 16,500 traffic right now what I like to do using perplex and Claude is actually take all of those keywords and you can

Do this on or whatever your favorite SEO tool is we’ll copy them right there then I’m going to take those keywords Plus PL them into CLA like so and I’m going to use this prom right here which you’ll get access to at the end of this video

And essentially I will say based on the keywords below give me 20 SEO optimized title ideas that are very clickbait and create curiosity and based on all of these keywords Claude will generate a bunch of titles that help me come up with an SEO optimized title like this

And you can do this for blog post too doesn’t have to be just videos and if you plug this into ARS you can see that the video I literally published one day ago as you can see is ranking for 1,400 traffic it’s an absolutely insane workflow that is working beautifully

Right now that’s also how this video got 81,000 views if we plug that into at as you can see it’s ranking for a bunch of keywords and a bunch of traffic right there living the AI SEO dream you can do that with G and you can do it with

Perplexity 3.0 as well you can also take some of the keywords that you prefer to focus on so for example how to humanize chap gbt text right here and then you can say to Claude focus on titles related to humanized GPT and it will give you a bunch of other related title

Ideas that you can use for a blog post or a video to ranong Google just like we’re talking about right here now I’ve got a bunch of other workflows I want to show you today but that is one of the coolest tricks to getting thousands of traffic literally within 24 hours of

Public in the post the next step is you can actually use clae for keyword clustering let me show you exactly how so if we start a new chat over here click on start chat and this is a free tool again you don’t need to pay for

Claude it does have a premium version I don’t pay for it I don’t think you need to either unless you’re doing a massive token limit and what you can do is again you can take the keywords that you want to rank for and the problem with having

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So many keywords for example at 50 is that some of them are going to be matching search intent some of them are going to overlap some of them you don’t need to create separate pages for ETC and so you can say to Claude cluster these keywords remove duplicate search

Intent words for SEO and if you scroll down here it will say here are the cluster keywords by searching them duplicates removed and then you’ve got it separated into chat GPT humanizing AI text chat GPT ai ai content Etc and then it’s removed all the relevant stuff now

What you can also do from there because you’ve already clustered the keywords you’ve already inserted that into clawed you can now say now based on this give me 30 semantically relevant but unique topics under the niche in the right language in easy to read table and essentially with the keyword seats just

Clustered you can now turn them into a nicely organized top map for example and now you’ve basically got the top go map with a list of categories for your whole site now what you can do from there is you can actually say give me 30 variations of each topic right so you

Can take for example humanize AI text right here plug that in and this will generate for the category humanized AI text 30 different pages that you can create inside your topal map now if you do that for every single topic within step one of the process you’ve generated all the

Keywords without any cannibalization for your whole website and you can just plug that into your favorite Auto bloging Tool nice and easy now you might say okay but that sounds good does it actually work the top Maps actually help you rank for example you can see this website that we actually created last

Quarter appliers repairs it’s only a Dr 1.2 right brand new domain and it’s already getting a decent amount of traffic plus if you check the actual keywords on the first page for a lot of the keywords for this particular website and you can automate all of that

With topical maps and once you generate the top one maps and it’s really easy to create content in a scale like you can see on this website we created loads of content for it so now just to recap we have one workflow on how to generate 1,300 traffic in 24 hours using workflow

Right here and you can do that for blogs and for videos works both the same you can also use this keyword clustering front right here and if you really want to get in in depth prompt on exactly how to avoid keyword cannibalization and cluster keywords properly I’ve actually

Created something much more in depth as you can see right here now additionally we’ve talked about topal maps and how that’s worked and helped us generate in rank websites like this like the 0er 1.2 and the next workflow that I want to show you is actually using perplexity through

3.0 and again this is another free tool I’ll show you some of the cool stuff it can do in a second but if we take a website like this for example astrological Eden we’ve generated all the content with AI SEO using similar methods I’ve shown you today including the topical Maps but

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Additionally when you’re getting to the point where you got like 450 clicks a day as you can see right here additionally what you want to start doing is monetizing the website now the problem is if you ranked for a bunch of informational keyword I want to focus on

Okay what’s one simple change that we can make today to make more money of that website now that could be setting up ads you know for example using ad St and I’ve talked about that in the past but Additionally you can find a relevant affiliate scheme that you could insert

Throughout your site to start generating content and that would probably bring you more money than any ads you add to your site what do I mean by this let me show you let’s say you got a bunch of content on your site like you can see right here and it’s all similarly

Related right so for example it’s all about astrology and numerology so what I can do is find a relevant affiliate scheme say ClickBank or whatever I’ve shown a video on that the other day if you want to see more info on that and then I can go on to complexity and I can

Say give me some HTML code for a nicely designed button link in this and this is my ClickBank affiliate code usually honestly you probably want a pretty link but I’m just doing this for the sake of speed that encourages people to click on your free personalized and then whatever

The offer is so this is about a personalized Moon reading and we just want HTML now that’s going to generate some nice code for us as you can see and then we can actually insert that inside our content throughout the site now how do you do that what you can actually do if

You’re on WordPress is you can use a plugin for example like the Auto blogin monetization Tool right here and as you can see I’ve inserted this code right here across the site every five paragraphs across all the content that we have and this is basically like an ad

But instead of being an added is actually an affiliate link with an ice green button that encourages people to click on our affiliate links as you can see right here and it kind of looks like a native ad but we’re offering a free report and then that will generate

Affiliate income if people click on it and buy something right it’s just a native ad inserted through our website and it’s inserted automatically across all our content to monetize the whole site right now if you look at the actual money that is brought in from an affiliate Link versus an ad

Well obviously you’re going to get a much higher Roi from an affiliate link like that as long as it converts but if you choose a high gravity product off ClickBank then you’re good to go so just to recap the workflow is you find the affiliate scheme you get perplexity to

Create the HTML you can use the auto blogin monetization plugin which is completely free to download insert your ad code choose how often you want it to be inserted throughout your site and then boom sha lacer you’ve monetized your whole site with AI really easy all the content on this site

Was created with AI the monetization method is created with AI as well and we’ve automated it with this plugin that was actually created with chat GPT incredibly easy what a world we live in and to monetize your whole site Le you took what three steps nice now I also

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Went really in depth into this yesterday but another workflow that you can use on perplexity when you generate content because it does tend to be very fact driven and very academic focus is you can actually Pace in this front right here that just makes the responses feel

A bit more human right like right so if I put blog keyword equals how to build back blinks and then I use the humanizing instructions underneath you can see that the content is just way more interesting and easier to understand right so for example it starts telling a story it actually

Writes a really interesting introduction along with a nice hook to keep people interested in and additionally you can see that it’s all nicely formatted so it’s not like a big block of text as well as that but even uses some metaphors and some storytelling to just

Make the whole response feel a lot more humid now if we take this particular content right here and let’s test it for AI to see if it’s AI detectable we’ll hit scan now and the content comes out at 99% original right it’s just too easy to trick these AI detectors now because

You can use a humanizing problem like this that’s just absolutely beautiful and honestly if it email copywriter did that on up work and I paid for that I wouldn’t even know that it’s AI detectable right it’s fully passing the Turing test right there so that is five

Different ways to rank number one with plexity 3.0 and Claude I’ve shown you how I get 1,300 traffic and random one in 24 hours with this workflow I’ve shown you how I can keyword cluster using this prom right here additionally I’ve showed you how I take dr0 and dr1

Websites and rank them with topical Maps using Claude and you can use any AI tool that you want but I quite like Claude for this cuz it can handle a lot of tokens along with flexity as well and then additionally I’ve shown you how to monetize your whole website with these

Button codes and also my humanizing prompt that is basically undetectable to AI content detectors absolutely insane literally takes one click you just pluging the keyword so if you want to get access to this sap along with a bunch of other the AI SEO methods what

I’m going to do is I will take this particular sap and we’re going to go to the content creation section inside the free chat GPT SEO course this is going to be called blexi and Claude in fact we’ll change that to pxy 3.0 right there

I’m going to take the URL from the sap and you can find it in the video notes right there so you can get that links in the comments in description completely free and if if you do want to book in a free SEO strategy session where we can

Show you how we date websites from 0 to 145,000 businesses per month and generate thousands of dollars in sales on autopilot with SEO feel free to book that in you’ll get an SEO domination plan you’ll discover the secrets of Link building you get your questions answered you learn the best link building

Strategies for your site and you’ll discover how to quickly out rank your competitors with link building feel free to B that in thanks so much for watching appreciate it bye-bye

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