All right so today what we’re going to do is start building out a completely new AI SEO project using chat GPT and I’m going to build out a brand new website from scratch publicly again but when it comes to building the content building the website Etc we’ll still use

AI but we’ll use it with Google’s guidelines as a public case study to see what’s possible and this is going to be a fun one to work on because essentially if you haven’t seen it already we receed some ual action penalties for building in public and and what I’m excited to

Show you now is how we’re going to build out a brand new AI SEO website from scratch and talk about some new strategies and techniques where you can do things a little bit cleaner and see if it actually ranks and if it gets clapped again that’s totally fine with

Me as well because that would just be part of the journey right and you might say well why are you building a new website from scratch if your older one’s got manual action penalty for being public case studies bear in mind my own it’s only my public ones that got hit my

Private ones are totally fine well here’s the thing right I think that for the content on my YouTube channel if we’re going to show you interest in stuff has to be actionable right we have to show over the screen stuff I don’t like to be one of those guesso who’s

Telling you stuff but not actually showing it and showing how to do it Etc I also think it’ll be an interesting experiment to see okay if we do things a really clean way the white hat method as some people might say then will we still rank this website and will it get

Clapped and will it get get a manual action penalty even though we’re building in public and trying to show people the things that Google typically likes to see So the plan here is that we will create content for the website some of it human some of it Ai and we’ll do a

Lot of manual editing along the way and so we’re going to build this out now you might say okay but what Niche are you going to focus on how you’re going to do the niche research Etc so if you want to learn how to do SEO research for a new

Niche I would highly recommend this video that actually created 5 days ago very powerful talks you through step-by-step the exact system but what I would say here is that for me I want to create a website based on a proper business that’s already converting and

Then all I have to do is drive more traffic to that particular High converting funnel right so it’s going to be a new site built the ethical way we’re going to focus on funnels that are already converting for me and that’s really the way you want to focus on

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Because if for example we built out an affiliate wke site well affiliate sites get here if we built out a website that was just making money through ads I don’t think it’s providing much value but if we have a proper brand like my Agency for example and we generate more

Traffic to this particular funnel then the project is going to provide a much bigger Roi and I think that’s a right thing to do in terms of branding and plus if I put my name on the website we already have eat in the industry the one

Thing I will say here is will it get clapped this is a good experiment right so it’s going to be interesting to see whether the website receives a manual action penalty or not just for building in public even though we’re trying to do the right things the right way with

Google’s guidelines and we’ll cover those in different videos and you know we’re going to be focusing on quality and steering people away from spamming and scaled content and doing things the right way I have no attachment to that right it just being an interesting experiment the thing I would say is that

We’ll be using new and creative workflows with AI to make the content even better so I actually have zero attachment to the success whether it ranks or not this is just an experiment let’s see what happens could be doing a live stream again where it gets clapped

In like a year or so I also think this is a good journey to share publicly right so I can Inspire those you know if you did get hit or you did take a clapping or you’re worried about your website getting hit then this is going

To be an interesting journey to share in my video so I’ll be talking about link building content creation AI keyword research topical Maps everything else and what we’re going to avoid is mass publishing we won’t be doing that we won’t be doing the one take Drakes everything’s going to be manually edited

I think that can be easily tracked in terms of you know Google’s algorithm could probably just scrape the S map and see the content frequency Etc and these are the other things that we’re going to focus on right so we’re going to make sure we fact check everything we’ll

Avoid low accuracy there’ll be a lot of effort inside the content I’ll talk about some interesting strategies to do that and also all the content will be original and interesting so this is going to be an interesting one brand new site built in public I’m excited to

Share it with you if it gets clapped it gets clapped it’s another thing to talk about on the channel either way interesting times so how are we going to start this off what I’m going to do is because this project is about SEO and ranking with SEO but it’s also been

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Started because of the the whole situation we’re going to ask chat gbt for some domain name ideas and just start building this website out in public so we’re going to say give me some domain name ideas related to clapping ranking and SEO to chat GPT and we’ll get some domain name ideas from

There and I’ll also start building this out into an S&P in case you or your team need a good system for finding domain names and setting up a website Etc as well so we’ve got a few ideas here we got Ovation SEO not a big fan of that

Ranken clap. comom I like this one SEO Applause clap for ranks okay I think Rank and clap would be a great so now I’m going to go on to cosmat toown and buy the domain obviously it’s pretty cheap to buy on there we’ll check if it’s available ranking clap there we go 695 absolute bargain there we go history in the making we’ve got the domain purchase right there now I’m going to get it hosted on easy blog Networks which has served me pretty well actually if I look at my private case studies in the background actually just got a bunch

Of websites in the background different IP addresses Etc so I’m going to add the blog right now which is Rank and clap and it’s pretty nice as we can get the theme set up pretty quickly Etc I’m actually going to totally change the design once we’ve set this up but we’ll

Go with a random theme enable SSL disallow comments pingbacks Etc add the blank pages add my plugins we can add a bunch of more plugins if we want to but I’m going to go go with that for now we’ll add the blog and get this bad boy

Set up just need to add the name servers directly into the website as well that’s changing as you can see and we are living the dream and then I can just log into the website directly there might take a little while for the name servers to change Etc but yeah pretty much as

Simple as that right took about a minute to set up a new brand new website get the domain hosted add the chat CHT website I’m buying from cosmet toown cuz it’s typically the cheapest place to buy from honestly and then easy blog networks just because it’s actually protected my site so far

Plus it got different IP addresses different hosts etc for the websites so today we have talked through my plan for a new AI SEO website focusing more on quality rather than quantity we’ll talk about what we’ll avoid and also the reasons why we’re doing this so I want

To give more value in my videos I want to show you some actionable stuff I want to show you the results before and after that would be interesting as an experiment this website could just not rank at all get clapped soon but why not show you what we’re doing in public we

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Talk through the SB and how to quickly set up a new website and then get that hosted with theme and the design Etc if you actually look at Google search guidance I already covered this in my video yesterday but you can see they do reward high quality content however it’s

Produced so what we’re going to be doing in future workflows is focusing more on quality rather than quantity and showing you some crazy stuff that you can do with AI that I’m really excited to show you that just takes your content to a whole new level additionally if you

Check out Google search quality rate go guidelines you can actually see how they talk about how effort is really important right so a lot of our workflows in the future are going to cover like how to combine human labor and the effort that humans can put in but also create content that actually

Ranks and it’s useful for the user plus all the content is going to be manually edited using the checklist so I’m going to keep developing and improving over time so thanks so much for watching that is pretty much if you want to get access to the SRP that we’re going to and we’ll

Actually put a new section inside my free SEO course links in the comments in description on building out this new website and ranking it and how we create content and how we leverage AI to actually create that content to actually rank it and automate a lot of processes

Going to put that inside my free chat GPT SEO course it’s going to be a new category called the rank and clap project it’s called domain setup right there and thep is inside the domain setup section in the video notes and if you do want to get a free SEO strategy

Session about how to get more leads traffic and sales from SEO feel free to book that link is in the comments in description we’ll basically give you an actionable game plan and a custom tailored plan plus if you have ideas for workflows or stuff you want to see let

Me know in the comments as you know from many videos in the past we create them based on the comments and the questions that we get from this community so appreciate you watching and I’ll be updating you with more videos tutorials actionable strategies Etc see you on the next one

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