Today what we’re going to do is look at some free ways to find keywords for your website using chat GPT and SEO strategies and I’m going to reveal the best prompts techniques and workflows that you can actually do this plus some of the best ways to organize your

Keywords once you’ve done the research now these are all going to be free techniques that you can use step by step to find the best keywords to rank for on your particular website let’s get straight into it so the first method that we can take a look at is the

Alphabet suit method now I’m going to show you a smar way to automate this with chat GPT but just to explain it in detail essentially you would type in your Niche into Google this is quite a common method of finding fre keywords and then you would put your main Niche

Plus a right and then you can scroll through all the a related keywords in the auo suggest and then you can go on to B and then C Etc and you know that people are searching for these keywords simply because they show up in the auto complete if they didn’t get any searches

They wouldn’t show up in the auto complete now what you can actually do on chat GPT is you can use this prompt which says give me keywords clud the word insert Niche and then the next lure starts with a so if we type that in and

We’ll see what we get so here’s an example and we’ve got a list of a related keywords to our main keyword right so here’s the main keyword and then here is the letter afterwards now why would you do that because you can comprehensively go through every single

Letter in the alphabet it’s quite an automated process but it finds relevant keywords that you can potentially go for and then for example and then you can try for example for the next letter like B and you’ve got even more pre relevant keywords and if we check some of these

Examples and make sure they are actually in the autocomplete so for example carpet cleaner buying guide we’ll plug that into Google and you can see it shows up on the auto complete right here same here so caret clean before and after Etc bets for pets you can also see

That so all of these keywords are showing up in the aut complete when we search if for a b c Etc now if you did it for the whole alphabet I don’t think chat gbt would be able to generate that much cont content at once and you

Probably lose a lot of the data so that’s why you want to do it step by step this is an easy way to find keywords in one go and then you can begin structuring your whole website and I’ll come on to that later in this video so for example give me keywords that

Include the word carpet cleaner and the next letter of the word starts with a b c Etc and then you can see a b c all down here and then you can just rinse and repeat that the whole alphabet and you can also start plugging these

Keywords into a Google sheet to build a huge list of keywords that you can actually rank for and you can see already we have like 31 different keywords that we know are getting search volume and we’ve automated it with chat gbt to save a lot of time but we still

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Find irrelevant keyword that would be suitable for our web now another way that we can look at keyword research is understanding where the buyer is at in the process right so let’s say we have a funnel for our website like so and this is where we make money we can separate

Who’s going to come to our website buy their intent right so how ready are they to actually buy something so this is the top of the funnel this is the bottom of the funnel and people at the bottom of the funnel will more likely to make money now obviously there’s going to be

Less people at the bottom looking to buy because most people are not ready to spend money and there’s going to be more people at the top who are just trying to educate themselves to find out more information before they actually purchase something so what does that mean for SEO well essentially if you’re

Using chat GPT SEO to find keywords that you can potentially rank for you can actually go into chat GPT inside the same chat that you did the Google alphabet suit method for keyword research and then if you scroll down here we can filter by awareness right we

Can say give me some top middle and bottom of the funnel keywords that I can Rank and chat GPT will break it down press nicely plus it separates the keywords by top of the funnel middle and bottom of the funnel all right so for example if you look at the bottom of the

Funnel keywords where people are ready to buy something you’ve got for example carpet cleaner trial offers top rated carpet cleaners Booker carpet cleaner Etc whereas if you look at the top of the funnel you’ve got like informational keywords like why clean your carpet or benefits of a clean carpet now you might

Say why would you even try ranking for these top of the funnel keywords if they’re not going to make you money and here’s the thing that I would say these keywords are going to directly make you money potentially if you get the conversion rate optimization right on

Page but if you scroll to the top right here these keywords can still bring in more leads or more optins to your website which then generates more income but it’s a longer play so you might get traffic to your website they read the guide you might make some money of ads

You can convert that traffic into email optins for example and then build your email list and then they’re probably not going to convert today and they probably won’t convert tomorrow but potentially in three or six or nine months of nurturing a relationship bearing in mind you’ve got the email address so you can

Email them with value along the way and build that relationship and then eventually they’re likely to and so if we go back to this funnel method even if you target keywords over here as long as you have a good lead magnet and if you’ve monetized your website with ads

Then you’re still going to make money plus if you’ve only got review keywords this can hurt your rankings now we can also take these keywords right here and our middle of the funnel keywords and the bottom of the funnel keywords as well right and now we’re building out a

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Nice list of keywords that I’m going to show you how to organize later in this video so just to recap we have covered the the alphabet suit method and basically the prompt for that we’ve also talked about how to find top middle and bottom of the funnel keywords that could

All potentially make us money if we monetize a paging right way now what we can also do is take our competitor sit map and then get an idea what sort of keywords they are actually ranking for right here so for example you can see the site map right here and if you want

To check out you compare to site map you can easily go to your main website and then go to sitemap.xml and that will usually break it down for you and then you just look at the post and so if you look at a long list of this site map for

Example what we can do is we can take that data and we’ve pasted in the whole site map as you can see also bear in mind here if you’re looking at your competitor potentially they’ve branched off into other niches that are not so relevant to you so ideally what you want

To do is manually edit the ideas list before you publish this to your site so how do you do that what you can say inside the prompt is give me only the most relevant keywords for my website about and then you just insert your Niche so that as you can imagine it only

Gives you the most relevant ones and as you can see here chat GPT says given the extensive site map from this website about birds I’ve selected the most random keywords based on the commum themes and specific topics covering yours right and now it’s generating a nice long list of keywords from that

Sitemap and we don’t need to do any Ed save a lot of time if it only comes back with like 10 keywords you can say what any others you recommend and then from there just to get a neatly formatted list you can say now just give me the

List of keywords nothing else so that I can basic into a list and that will format it nicely for you as well then we can take that content and plug it into our list as you can see and as you can see from our list we’re starting to

Generate a nice comprehensive list of keywords in different parts of the funnel that we could potentially rank for now one of the other best places to get keyword research is actually using Google’s data right so for example this is a free keyword tool that is called the Keyword Planner on Google ads so

Google ads Keyword Planner and what you can do is if you click on discover new keywords over here plug in you can be this website like so hit get results and from here you’ve got a huge list of keywords that you can actually export so there 650 man now when you’re building

Out this list of keywords and you try to scrape everything that you can I would recommend that you try and do this all up front right so you don’t want to do it bit by bit if you’re planning out a website or if you’re trying to reorganize yours it’s always good to do

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This in BO it’s going to save you a lot of time and then you can easily click on download keywords over here and then select Google Sheets and that will export it to a Google sheet for you and you can paste it back into your list so

From here you can say is close to these keywords into categories and relevant Pages remove anything with dup search intent and from there you have a nice list that’s neatly organized right so you can take all that research you’ve done and then just organize it into relevant categories that are very specific but

Take all your content step by step now even once you’ve done that I would still recommend having a manual check for it and just making sure okay does it make sense app some common sense to it cuz chat gbt lacks that sometimes organize it neatly and remove anything that

Probably isn’t relevant for you Etc right but that’s basically one of the best ways to do this and so that is five ways to do chat chpt SEO keyword research to find free keywords that are going to rank number one now keyword research is absolutely crucial if you

Pick the right keywords it’s going to be much easier to rank and I’ve given you five methods today so for example the AL suit method along with this prompt the top middle and bottom of the funnel method the compar to sitemap Method how to use the Google ads Keyword Planner to

And also how to Cluster these keywords into categories in randant Pages removing anything with dup search intent now when you’re actually creating the content I’ve actually got this free SEO checklist that teaches you step by step how to go from keyword research to literally creating an article that has

Been manually edited now this works really nicely for AI content if you want to add some more originality to it make it more helpful Etc but basically you can see step by step how to create an outline how to address the search intent formatting adding pictures and videos

Etc adding some F qes and basically taking that raw block of AI content and manually editing it so that it’s good to go and publish on your site so if you want to get access to all of these prompts plus a free SEO checklist feel

Free to check out my free chat GBC SEO course link is in the comments in description and if you go to the keyword research section and then chat GPT keywords right here you can find the SCP with everything that was talked about right there inside this free course and

If you do want to book in a free course about how to get more leads traffic and sales from SEO feel free to book in a free SEO strategy session and we can basically answer any questions you have we’ll build out an SEO game plan and you discover pretty much everything you need

To know about how to rank using SEO so thanks so much for watching appreciate it bye-bye

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