Hi friends today in this free course you will see the power of AI in marketing back in 2021 and before I mean before the CHP and AI hype some tasks used to take me like 1 month today I can do it in one day content creation blogging

YouTube videos all this stuff takes me at least 10 to 20 hours today I can do it in like 1 to two hours my email open rate didn’t past 35% today I am on the 50% Milestone content repurposing oh many many hours today in minutes I can’t

Wait to show you all this and much more after this course you will definitely change the way you think and you do Marketing Online let’s see what we will learn in this course first we’ll talk about ideas and research I will show you how to combine the power of AI with

Search engines to automate the whole research proc process and have to save countless hours while doing research online sharing tips tools and strategies I do almost every day and you can’t imagine how it boosted my workflow then we’ll move into email marketing I will show you how to get 10 ACT results with

Email and how to automate almost the whole workflow then we’ll move into my favorite part growth hacking with AI I will show you tips that help my website reach 1 million visit per month in less than one year and at the end we will have a bonus I will show you how AI

Vision can change marketing forever if you want to be a professional marketer in 2024 and Beyond then X your results save countless hours this course is a must this course is free no upsells no ads and unlike any other course it’s not about sharing some tips but also some

Tools that I personally developed that you can’t find somewhere else so open your preferred Notes app grab your favorite drink and let’s get started let’s start with research research is the core of any business whether you are searching for a niche idea for your business content ideas for blogging

YouTube social media or trying to learn something new what you will see right now can 10ax your productivity and results let me show you this look at this simple tool content idea generator you just enter a search query a topic and click on this button one button now

The application start running in the back end what happens is that this app this tool will go and search Google read all the results extract the content summarize them and extract ideas all this automated in one click so now it’s loading just give it a few minutes and look at

This 47 ideas generated this is not AI generated these are ideas based on real articles published online AI automated the process it read the articles and extract all this for you in minutes let’s see another example on CH GPT here I’m trying to brainstorm Niche ideas topic ideas so I started with this

Simple prompt simple but powerful remember whenever you want to talk with Char PT use this power prompt formula roll context task instruct format clarify I’ll keep this in description but for now just follow up with me so I use this simple prompt to list the top

Level topics so you can see here I got some topics and I asked it to generate it in this format so we have technology Health blah blah blah then I asked it for each topic brainstorm a list of 10 child topics in the same format you can

See now for technology topics we have 10 topics and so on so we are narrowing down then again after we got these 100 ideas or topics I asked it let’s go beyond that and brainstorm Micron ideas for each child topic again for each child topic we have Micon ideas and you

Can go down and down deeper and deeper to find your own own microniche idea using Char PT now as a pro tip you can turn these ideas all this data generated with AI into a database as I did on my website the niche database more than 1,600 Niche ideas with some metrics I

Will also leave a link for this database you can even build this and sell it online you can build AI powered data and sell on your website let’s keep this other course and let’s move on to the third tip in research in the same way we generated topics and ideas you can

Generate anything almost anything brand names domain names YouTube channel names anything you want you can generate with AI whether with research on search engines like my tool or simply going deep with chpt and language models for example let me get my domain name generator prompt so here is the prompt I

Will copy and go to Google Gemini and paste The Prompt here and let’s see now the magic here I am generating brand names so we got the name and the explanation perfect you can see we got 10 brand names so as I mentioned you can brainstorm anything you want with the

Power of AI using the right prompts and the right tool tools again all the prompts all the tools will be free with this course I’ll give you everything by the end of this video now number four let me show you how to 10A your learning speed and research with my top three

Tips and techniques let’s say you are on YouTube and you found this video my video it’s 11 minutes and you don’t know if this video is really valuable or not what we can do is summarize this video with AI before you watch it you can use like Chrome extensions like summarize

With Hara Ai and click for example on takeaways and now this awesome extension will extract the video and summarize it in your browser directly you can check and then you can decide to watch or not this saves a lot of time you can even summarize podcasts 2 hours 3 hours

Podcasts and a small tip here you can use this tips and summaries to generate tweets and content ideas and social media post posts but let’s now stick to learning and research in my case I prefer using my own scripts so I summarize YouTube videos with my own python automation scripts for example

This is the YouTube url I just run this script and I get the summary why I prefer this because I have full control on the prompts and the way it’s summarizing anyway you can use any method you want just summarize videos and blog posts with AI before reading

Them and or watching this can sa you countless hours number two learning by examples let me show you this I go back to my prompts Library search for programming learn a programming language and let’s say you want to Learn Python today so I grab copy this template crl C

Up chpt just paste the prompt and go down and let’s say here the topic is about functions in python that’s it run and now chpt will create a lecture for you a small lecture about a topic you want and it will give you examples beginner level example then it will

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Explain this example and the results the intermediate level example again showing you the example with the results and the breakdown and then advanced level example you see this is very important if you are learning things like programming or any other technical skill you want to see examples

And chpt is very powerful in generating these examples you can create any course and learn anything today with chpt using these powerful prompts and the third tip is simplifying things explaining things in a very simple and easy way let’s say we have this academic paper if you are

Using for example Microsoft edge browser click here on ask co-pilot and you can simply ask anything about this document like explaining it like I’m 5 years old or something like that or if you in Char PT you prefer the simple direct way let’s get my Theses abstract I was working on

Optimizing gpt2 for rack systems anyway something so you can simply tell jib you are an expert in understanding academic papers and simplifying academic papers I will provide you with an abstract and your task is to explain as if I am 10 years old with no technical background here is the abstract of the

Paper and paste here run and now chpt will talk to you as if you are 10 years old explaining things in a very simple and basic way so you can understand complicated things in a simple way with the power of AI today this super important since we are

Talking about the power of AI in research and how it saves countless hours I partnered with HubSpot to provide you with this awesome free bundle it will show you how to use chpt and AI in your workflow and be more productive you’ll find checklists on how

To adopt AI at your work flowcharts on when to use Chad the template that helps you create content with Chad that matches your style and your brand voice this one is super important and helped me a lot understand how I can utilize AI as a a Content generation machine that

Matches my own style and how I create content and not only that the bundle also includes a free ebook and chose more than 100 ways to boost your workflow with chat GPT things you never thought about things like creating customer satisfaction survey or assisting with creating and managing email marketing campaigns or even

Assisting with data analysis and Reporting providing recommendations for optimizing website performance assisting with content curation and creation for social media and many many more that you should try today to taste how AI can boost your productivity forever I put the link in the description below to download for free thank you hopspot for

Providing this bundle for free and thank you for supporting my adree video and supporting my channel let’s now move on to email marketing in 30 seconds email marketing is all about creating what we call a lead magnet like a free ebook a free template a free course anything

Free and give it to Target people in exchange of their email address in this way you build an email list then you start sending emails to your list to build trust and give them value for free so later on you can promote your prei prum content this is email marketing in

30 seconds now let me show you my top three tips to automate the email marketing workflow with AI these tips help me boost my up rate up to 50% let’s start with number one AI can help you build a lead magnet you remember Step One is create a lead magnet like a free

Course or a free ebook chpt and AI can help you do this and minutes remember this prompt Lear programming language we used in a little bit you can use it to create a full course I did it look at this here in my courses section on notion I created this python course I

Just created an outline and with my power promp I generated these lectures one by one and pasted on notion you can see functions modules everything it’s like a free mini course on notion we can simply click on share now publish grab this link and now you can use it as a

Lead magnet I’ll give you this course by the way and without your email maybe it helps you understand how chpt can help in creating these lead magnets and these mini courses on notion and maybe you can learn python with next we have crafting emails in my case I use convertkit

As my preferred email marketing platform so when you create a new broadcast let’s select any template for now my weekly template and you can see here we have subject lines and we have the email body the subject lines is super important because it will decide if the user will

Open your email or not and you can do ab split tests with multiple subject lines or with two subject lines so the idea we need to craft a good subject line and we need to craft a good email copy before you send to your subscribers and AI can

Help in both let’s go back to my power prompt library and search for subject line generator open again I will copy go to chat GPT paste the prompt and then let’s change the topic to AI in marketing tips anything and let’s try this and now this powerful prompt will

Generate some subject line ideas for you it will give you also the appeal and the tone for each subject line you can use with your campaigns directly what I prefer is another approach is combining AI with data if you go here to my website again to tools I have here an

Email subject lines datab it’s free so what I do usually is I collect email subject lines whenever I receive them from different newsletter I found something catchy that made me up in the email I record it and using AI I generate a score and a formula so now I

Can get this formula that I see it fits in my next campaign and use it to craft a subject line and what we can do then going back here here we can get the subject line tester prompt this really powerful I will get this one open chpt

Other time paste and let’s enter the subject line here for example three powerful marketing tips okay generate and now this awesome prompt will analyze subject line and give you a score and in-depth analysis to understand if this will be a good subject line or not like checking for spam triggers all caps

Words emojis alternative subject lines and remember as I tell you always any prompt like this can be turned into an AI tool for example again going back to my website I turned this email subject analyzer into a tool so here’s the tool for example I will go again and say three marketing tips

And click on validate and instead of getting this text here you can see a nice clean UI the score all details with alter subject lines directly in this clean UI so we are done with subject lines you can generate analyze and test now you can use GPT or AI to create your

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Newsletters one of the best ways to do that is using a custom GPT so in my case I created this custom GPD that understands my tone my style my template and now I can ask it to generate my next newsletter of course I don’t copy and

Paste I give it my input what I want it will format it it will generated it will help me a lot save a lot of time when creating the newsletter then we can copy organize fix and send in my next campaign you can build a GPT for almost

Anything it will help you a lot I will show another example in a little bit in this course and I will go behind GPT to show you what I did bear with me for now just get the idea using AI you can generate subject lines analyze them generate email copies generate ideas as

We did before in section one and build lead magnets in this way you can automate almost the full email marketing workflow and get way better results now it’s time for my best part growth hacking with AI let me share with you my top three growth hacks that help me

Reach the 1 million visit per month milestone in less than one year number one is content repurposing in a couple of seconds it’s simply creating one piece of content for example on YouTube then repurpose as a blog post then repurpose as a medium story then a

Social media post and so on so you can save a lot of time with content repurposing you create one piece of content and repurpose on different platforms super powerful in content marketing you can reach more people in different platforms and save a lot of time now as I mentioned before 2022 and

The AI hype this may take me hours and hours of work but today with the power of AI you can repurpose in minutes let me show you this going back to chat GPT I created this medium post Pro GPT this helped me convert any draft into a

Medium post so I can give it a YouTube script or my blog post and it will repurpose it into my preferred medium style if you go here to medium if you don’t know medium it’s like a blogging platform it’s like YouTube but in text let’s go here

To Stats you see here I have 13,000 followers so this article got 48,000 views on medium with 68% read ratio what I did is I went to this article and I extracted a template and the style I wrote this article with it’s by the way short and simple but

Super valuable so what I did is I went here to GPT to medium post when I created this GPT look at this I EXP explain this before in creating gpts I don’t know if you watch the video in the configuration in the instructions here I asked GPT to generate the draft in the

Same style and same format as this blog here so now when I ask this GPT to create my medium blog or to repurpose my YouTube script or my blog post into medium it will generate it in the same format and the same style I want it will

Save me a lot of time yes after that I need to do some editings that’s fine in a couple of minutes I can edit and publish on medium imagine how much this can save you time for the same thing you can create maybe X threader like I did

It can convert maybe your draft your blog post into multiple threads for Twitter and so on so content repurposing with AI is super powerful today even we have tools that convert full videos into shorts so you can post on Instagram YouTube shorts and so on let’s now move

On to tip number two in growth hacking with AI which is building advisors please Focus this is very important the idea is you build a chat bot this chat bot will talk with people and advise them in using a specific product for example you can promote OTE a hosting

Service whether it’s your own service or promoting affiliate products for example I build this chat Bo to ask you some questions and advise you in the best hosting service for example what’s your monthly budget let’s say $20 then asks you another question how much traffic let’s say 1,000 visits a month

No and by the end of this Q&A it will give you a suggestion it will suggest the best product that fits you based on your answers so this product can be your product or an affiliate product this link can be your link or an affiliate link and this is the explanation this is

The power of combining AI with data for example here we have data I collected about hosting services and and this chat bot is using this data to ask questions and to suggest the product you can do the same on your own website or your clients to promote any product as I

Mentioned or affiliate products with the power of chatbots and AI I explain this concept in more details in this video you can check it if you want but really it’s super powerful if you understand it you can do a lot with this approach the third growth hack is building tools this

Is one of the best without competition if you go to my website you can see here I have a lot of tools I build directly on WordPress why tools for two main reasons people love to use tools it will help them solve a problem in a simple

And fast way it’s not only me even hopspot and these big companies create free tools on their websites you can see here all these free tools tools are super important and other reason for building tools it’s way easier to rank on Google than creating blog posts for

Example let me show you this practically now and what I did I found this keyword hook generator if I search for this you can see I have monthly search volume 2,500 with a ranking difficulty of 12 only so it’s easy to rank on Google with

This keyword so what I did is I build the hook generator tool that generates hooks with the power of AI and data in this way I can rank easily on Google with these tools and get traffic to my website and on the tools page you can promote your content anyway the user

Landed on your page and in my case they need to sign up to use the tools so it’s like a lead magnet to build your email list you can promote your website you can get traffic build back links and promote your premium prium products anyway so the idea is building tools and

Today with the power of AI you can do this in one day or maybe in a couple of hours or maybe in a couple of minutes in this video here I showed you how to create an AI tool on WordPress in 5 minutes like the tools I have here on my

Website in 5 minutes you can build a tool today before it used to take me like sometimes one month to create one tool today takes a couple of hours to build a professional tool on WordPress really awesome and talking about keyword research and SEO let’s see three tips

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Powerful tips on how to combine SEO with AI number one is to combine your keyword research results with AI analysis to generate reports like this that can help you with tips based on your data this is super important I always repeat this combine AI with data always to generate

Useful and helpful content you can see in all my tools almost I try to combine the generated results with AI to generate these reports to give you tips powered by AI to optimize your website or to fix problems and so on going back to our tips in Google search console

What you can do is go here to search results and go down and you can export the keyword data with the clicks and Impressions you click and Export here into CSV file then let’s open it extract the folder the zip file perfect now we have the queries CSV

File or the pages CSV file we have data can go to Chad GPT here attach the query CSV and say you are an expert SEO data analyzer I will provide you with my website queries data in CSV in CSV format analyze and suggest some tips to boost my traffic simple prompt now my

Data combined with the power of CHP and Analysis will read your queries and your metrics and give you you tips based on your results you can see here I found this data it will tell you focus on high performing queries like this and this it will show you some metrics like summing

Up the full data for you and suggesting tips from your own search console if you want to do this yourself you want to go over 1,000 record and analyze them it will take you a lot of time you can do the same with anything from Google analytics from from search console from

Anything anywhere any data about your website and your business you can put inside chpt and ask it for tips and Analysis this super powerful next we have SEO analysis going back to my tools what I did is I created an SE analyzer tool you can see this one and you can do

It yourself by the way so you can simply enter a website here anything and a keyword a Target keyword and click on generate report now this tool will analyze the website and with AI again combining data analysis with AI it will generate a report and suggest tips to

Improve your website it’s like on page SE optimization powered with AI you can see here suggestion improvements you can see them here it will give you a detailed report the third tip in SEO again is automating keyword generation look at this free tool the keyword bomber tool you enter a topic or a

Keyword you enter the country code like us and the open AI API key and click on this one button fetch data now this tool will do some magic really magic let’s wait a little bit give it a couple of minutes and look at this keyword data Quest s prepositions alphabet keywords comparisons hundreds

And hundreds of keywords intent based ulated audience specific problem solving all this and then it will give you detailed AI analysis report based on this data again connecting the data with AI to generate valuable and useful AI analysis you can see here to give you strategies and tips to use these

Keywords in your website again again this tool is free I’ll give it to you and if you want to test it directly on my website I also create an online version of this tool you will find here in tools keyword bomber tool select a country enter keyword or a topic and

Click on find and it will do the same in a couple of seconds or minutes it will generate a huge list of keyword ideas organized by alphabetical order prepositions audience specific comparisons a lot of keywords a lot of ideas and at the end it will give you AI

Analysis based on this data before we move on to number four and the bonus AI Vision part I want to share with you one small advice don’t generate content with AI use AI as an assistant if you want to be successful in blogging or creating content use this formula template plus

Style your own style plus your personal experience plus AI equal 100% success I use AI to generate a lot of things blogs courses text content but I never generate dummy text 99% of content generated by AI in my opinion is simply garbage if you don’t put in this formula to connect with your

Own style with your own experience with your own templates garbage it’s my opinion at least till today Google Gemini CH pt4 all these language models generate unuseful content let’s now move on to number four my bonus section for today how to use AI Vision to change marketing maybe forever I want to share

Two examples number one is analyzing and comparing different images these images may be two two landing pages or maybe two YouTube thumbnails like in this example here I passed two images to charp and asked it to analyze and tell me which is better for my next video and

Give me a score for each thumbnail of course it doesn’t mean that it’s accurate 100% but for sure the analysis will give you some tips and highlights things that maybe you didn’t know about your thumbnails or your landing pages so it’s like AB split test inside AI

Inside Char jpt I want to tell you something almost all the ideas and tips and techniques we mentioned in this course can be turned into a tool or maybe a full SAS like this one AI powered AB split test I don’t know if someone built this before anyway let’s

Go to another example let’s say you create a website and you have your homepage or any landing page on your website and and you want to analyze it a couple of weeks ago I published a video on how to create an AI Army each coming from different background and analyze

Your web pages in case you missed it let me show you the two landing page analyzer so I’ll copy my web page URL paste here and click on this button alyze image let’s go back to my code here defined AI personas you can see here like young entrepreneur college student freelancer whatever graphic

Designer each of these AI personas will analyze the web page and give its opinion it’s really super interesting project in case you missed this video and you want to get it with the project files with everything you can check the video here I hope you enjoyed this course you learned something new today

If you did Smash the like button download everything description below and see you in the upcoming videos

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