Hi welcome to the PowerHouse affiliate Channel today I’m updating on the $10,000 a month website project I’m working on for those of you tuning in if this is your first time this is a project where I’m building a website to generate $110,000 a month in profit at

Least I hope so and things are going well we have some Revenue I’m going to show you some numbers what’s been happening over the last 11 days since the last update and where I’m going with this case study and how you can get all the information um going forward okay so let’s get

Started okay so here we are back at it and I’m going to be showing you another presentation here going to show you some Revenue I got over the last few days and some positive improvements to the traffic coming in so for those of you who want to follow along as well on our

Forum I have also started a new thread here at the PowerHouse affiliate Forum where if you have specific questions that you want to ask about this case study or you have comments on how I can perhaps do this better please come in and discuss here in the new thread that

We have for this uh following case study so let’s go into the presentation and I’ll show you where we’re at so here we are inside the presentation this is the third update and these updates will probably start to become uh more like every two weeks or every month because

There’s just a lot of stuff that happens in between that doesn’t need to be updated so let me show you some of the things we’ve done since last update so that you can see how this website project is coming along uh and if you’re wondering where the videos are there is

A playlist now on this YouTube channel so simply subscribe and you’ll get notified of all future videos but there’s also a playlist for the entire series it’s also available on the PowerHouse affiliate blog and again if you want to discuss and take part in the discussion come into the forum so since

Last time uh as you know our website was very uh poorly built I guess in terms of SEO it was very slow it was failing the page speed insights and it really needed some help posted a job on upwork and the job was for an SEO specialist and I had

Tons of applications for this job I narrowed it down to three people and then I started asking about pricing and estimates on how how much money it would cost to improve just the WordPress side of this website and all of them were coming in at 30 to 50 hours worth of

Work for a cost over $500 to $1,000 and I thought well that’s just a little too high because really there are easier ways to improve WordPress I just thought maybe I could hire somebody to do it for me but and instead I ended up doing it myself because really there are plugins

That do this so be careful when you’re on upwork because if you don’t know much about development and you don’t know much about building websites you can probably be taken for some serious bucks when it comes to asking these Developers for help when really there’s a plug-in

That can do it all so basically I added the WordPress rocket plugin this is a plugin that uh helps speed up your website here’s the uh website here for WordPress rocket and you can see that it is a caching plugin but it also has many other features that will compress all

Your images it’ll reduce all of the unused JavaScript and all this stuff there’s just so many things that it does that really a developer would charge you hundreds of dollars for or you can use this plugin to do it for you of course this is not a free plugin they do have

Free plugins available um through other websites you can check out other optimization plugins for your WordPress site but this is the one I decided to go with I also ended up improving Ming this the page speed on the homepage now this is where I actually had to hire a

Developer however again with upwork I was having problems so what happened was I ended up going with one of my previous developers from way back and he actually fixed the homepage because it is not on WordPress but that one cost $195 it took

Him 13 hours of work uh to do that so I had to pay to have that improved we changed the WordPress theme to Astra this made a massive difference so Astra is one of the most popular WordPress themes for SEO purposes and it is built for Speed basically so I added this

Theme on and didn’t really have to make very many changes to the blog itself aside from changing the heading uh or changing the header settings and the footer menus and stuff like that but by implementing this and the WordPress rocket plugin I’m going to going to show you the results were

Incredible next we added the terms of service plug-in uh I added the terms of service plug-in and also implemented some landing page split tests for the Google ad side of this project for those of you watching I’m also doing paid ads so this is an SEO paid ads combination

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Of bringing this website to $10,000 a month and lastly we have optimized Google ads you’re going to see the results of that here which are very promising and updated two posts and content to improve the SEO and sales and added these to a new tracking spreadsheet where I’m tracking every URL

That we’re improving and where it ranks in Google because there’s a lot of SEO into this case study and that’s that’s uh really where a lot of people are interested so we got access to two more CPA offers as well I applied to direct access to some of these offers that are

Uh linked to this Niche and I’m really looking forward to testing those on the email so then the next updates we’ll be looking at that so here’s the before and after of where we were when we didn’t have optimized website files to where we are now so basically when I did the last

Update our core web vitals failed we had horrible results I believe it was in the 51 you will see on the next page here that we were around 51 on performance for mobile now we are 100 on mobile for the page speed insights p with flying

Colors on the core web vitals and we are doing really well here for SEO and best practices could use a little work on accessibility but this is the mobile version on desktop it’s actually 100 across the board pretty much and so very happy with the results of Astra and the

WordPress rocket plugin to really build up our WordPress and with the help of the developer we got the homepage Speedy as well so this is starting to result in what I think is already showing signs of improvements in the SEO when we look at the numbers here uh also using

Cloudflare here I should mention I’m uh I have it down here so cloudflare plugs in free to Wordpress rocket and so you they have an integration where you just kind of combine them together so it also caches and does all the security for you and so that is helping the website as

Well well so here’s a discussion I had with one of the upwork people um after spending probably a week with this person back and forth they came to me and said hey we fixed your website and you can see they got it to 51 uh which was crazy so I actually immediately just

Said look I’m going to pause this project I’ll hire a developer I can communicate with it was very hard back and forth you know I would say something and then wait for a couple hours for a response so I ended up just wasting a whole lot of time spinning my wheels and

Also we had March break last week as well here in Canada so it was kind of a slow update but uh basically that’s how much time was wasted about a week trying to get that before I just said let’s just do WordPress uh updates with

Plugins so here we are um so not a whole big huge change here but this is our previous update we had seven Authority score it’s the same our organic traffic went up minorly I’m not sure if this is just because sem Rush is kind of updating differently but we are up on

The organic traffic which is good I do have some analytics results to show as well that does show we do have higher numbers than what was reported before um our organic keywords went down for some reason uh haven’t really dug into that and we do have more paid keywords

Running now so sem Rush is starting to pick those up because as you know sem Rush also tracks other people’s ads and what they’re doing on social media um or on paid uh search ads I mean so our referring domains went down that’s because I removed a few of the back

Links for that uh some of them were toxic so I removed that by using the SCM Rush feature and disavowing the links so here I am on the console results again very limited data with the time frame but um on February 26th I was at a 43.1

Average position now I’m at 40 .9 average position with more Impressions now the traffic went down by eight clicks but that’s uh again very limited data but the result of this uh position here is from two posts that were updated as well as uh some updates to the homepage keyword structure to actually

Bring that up even within 11 days higher in the rankings and one of the posts that was updated is now on page one I’m not sure how long that’ll last but we do have to start doing some off-page SEO here soon but still stuck in the onpage

Fixing up of this website so that I can spend more time focusing on the off-page stuff um so there’s going to be another week or two of on page improvements before I’m comfortable going and starting a big huge offline or off uh page campaign on getting backlinks and

Social media post post and all of that stuff the analytics uh since we began as you can see here 197 organic uh organic users since February 27th so it is higher than what we had seen on the search console there’s about 197 people in two weeks so

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The traffic is a little higher so the results in the console versus Google analytics versus uh other tools like sem Rush they’re all kind of different so you can’t just go with one you kind of have to just look at what’s improving here and that’s what I’m doing anyway so

You can see I am running paid search now that is the majority of the traffic on this website but the the goal here is to get this organic search up here as well so that either it’s equal to or exceeding the paid traffic eventually where that brings up the value of the

Website even more in my opinion because now we have real organic traffic instead of stuff I have to pay for there are some good results from this paid search campaign uh one of the things I did was split test landing pages on the campaign so last update the the campaign was

Actually not earning it was losing a little bit of money I have managed to get this campaign profitable using the same strategies that are in my course down below the Google ads 30-day challenge you can see the link link down in the description but basically as you

Can see this landing page here even with limited traffic is showing a much better conversion rate and similar LP CTR so amazing um landing page Improvement here by imp uh just split testing one page so this page is becoming the control page converting almost at 5% of the traffic

Which is awesome I’m super happy about this um so this has resulted in me being able to now profit from the Google ads which now means those profits can go into paying for people to create content or whatever it is create backlinks um or I can just use that money and you know

Eat this week either way I’m pretty happy about that so here’s the results of the Google ads so I have actually seven campaigns running they’re all different campaigns all based on a different angle strategy whatever um different bidding strategies different whatever that’s how I typically test I

Like to come in try different things and separate things that are working into their own campaigns these are Canadian numbers my results you’ll see here in a second are in the US dollar so I’ve done the conversions already but basically what’s important to look here is the payout on

This offer is roughly $45 Canadian and so we’re looking here at this one’s barely profitable this one lost money this one was quite profitable and you can see here uh the rest of them are profitable so this is this is the losing one it’s still running right

Now uh and I’m letting it run because I feel like I can get it profitable these ones again need to be optimized but the possibilities here is is what I’m really liking here that this one here is showing some good signs it’s converting and but the only thing is is I’m limited

By the bidding Target on that one so again uh if you took my course you would understand what these things mean and what we can do to improve that but basically what it means is I have to increase my target CPA or increase my bid on the keywords or increase the

Amount of keywords all of these things is I’m kind of limited to just getting this amount of traffic in 11 days so I want to improve that by getting more traffic that is converting so I’m going to be working a lot on the Google side

Things so I won’t have enough time to do everything which means I do have to eventually consider hiring somebody to do the more labor intensive work like creating content and scheduling that for social media so the next steps in this campaign will be I’m going to also

Provide you a breakdown of the cost and revenue at the end of this and I’m going to have a better way of reporting in the coming videos because really we’re still really early here so I’m going to be adding and updating more long form blog posts this is what we did earlier in

Last week which resulted in great results quickly um just updating the content going in adding alt tags making sure there’s meta descriptions finding the ones that are getting searches and trying to improve that by adding more value to it and it seems to be working on a small scale so that’s what we’re

Going to be focusing on and when I say we it’s probably going to be me and hi iring somebody who is going to be the content manager here to just focus on any keywords that have at least a th more monthly searches I’ve already found several great keywords with low keyword

Difficulty and lots of monthly searches so I’m very optimistic about this step content and social media again this is going to be the same person doing that haven’t decided who’s going to do it yet but when you create the content you’re also going to be adding it to all the

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Social media accounts Twitter p interest Facebook YouTube LinkedIn YouTube will be a separate project alog together I talked about that before that is going to be a back burner project where eventually we’re going to have a YouTube channel here and some videos to help improve the SEO and results because you

Can get a lot of traffic from YouTube especially with shorts uh we’re going to add the blog to social plug-in connect it to all accounts so that we can Auto post to all these and again um I’m going to add a Facebook app account pixel to

All the pages to start warming up that Facebook pixel because eventually we’re going to be running Bing in Facebook ads in parallel with the Google ads and the SEO but I just don’t have time for that right now I’m going to leave that for later I need to First optimize Google

Ads get them profitable to a point where I can set it and hopefully forget it and then start focusing on more parts of this project uh I’m going to be modifying some WordPress files that’s kind of boring but anyway I’m going to be doing that as well to kind of update

My website automatically and lastly I wanted to show you the the financials here let’s have a look at the financials I started to do it on a spreadsheet and I’m going to start comparing financials here and I’m going to have a better way of reporting updates in the future on

This but basically so far I have all my fixed costs that we have I’ve purchased the website SEO reports and Analysis developed landing pages uh I did improve the page speed insights homepage for $19 $5 that was what I was talking about earlier all of the free WordPress

Plugins now are rank math terms uh table of contents Advanced ads contact 7 one signal and word fence one thing I forgot to mention is I am now collecting uh push subscribers on this website through the um blog so when people come through and they get there it says would you

Like to be notified of updates and that’s the one signal plugin that I’m using to collect those and I do have push subscribers now so once we start creating content it’s going to push out to everybody for more traffic the paid WordPress plug-in is now WordPress rocket that is a recurring expense that

Is a yearly expense and then another fixed fee here was the lifetime membership for a WordPress uh wordpress’s Astra theme bought that for the lifetime and I actually have a developer license so I’m just putting the price in as if you were going to be buying this yourself it would be

$199 on Google ads I spent roughly $1,800 us since we started and now the revenue from Those ads is at $231 so there’s a lot of work to do here I’m not really comfortable with a 10% Roi on this uh roughly that’s what it’s working

Out to maybe a little more but uh I didn’t do the exact math but I’m not comfortable just setting and forgetting this type of campaign I really need to optimize that so I can increase the budget and try and get more profit coming in so that we can use that to

Improve the website uh revenue from the email list since we started is $15 last time it was $15 but I did get three $30 conversions coming in to improve that a little bit on the revenue uh side revenue from SEO I did get one conversion from one of the banners that

We created that I mentioned in the last post so that’s nice a $29 boost and revenue from ad widgets W 35 cents but hey we’re at least showing Impressions now we’re getting people clicking and people are coming through so there is some activity on the website all of this

I think is going to improve total profit and loss so far now is $3,085 last update we were at $3,129 so we’re going in the right direction slowly profitable for the last little while but we need to really get this money back and start scaling this so I

Know there’s going to be a lot more work so that is where we are at now again the reason why I’m doing these updates and doing this whole project is to show people that there’s a lot of work to this business and affiliate marketing takes time it takes effort it

Takes strategic planning all of these things and you really need to be able to analyze what’s happening and you need to accept help from others so if you are watching this and you want to provide me your advice I’d be happy to hear it please post your comments come into the

Forum talk to me there or talk to anyone else and would love to uh see your thoughts on this anyway thanks for watching see you in the next update

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