In this tutorial we’ll delve into three groundbreaking software applications poised to revolutionize the realm of content creation emo aai Google’s Lumiere and open ai’s Sora join me for an exciting exploration as we navigate through their unique features and functionalities don’t miss out stay tuned until the end for an immersive

Experience let’s kick off this tutorial Journey the first software which we are going to talk about in this tutorial is Google’s lumere which is going to bring a revolution in the world of cinematography content creation and video generation this software is built on a model called SpaceTime diffusion

With that model we are going to generate videos out of the software this is instead going to have a a diffusion model which will help help us to gain a longer span video with a better frame rate and persistency the first category is text video you can see all these

Videos which are generated out of a mere text if I take these if I go through these small boxes here we can see the the text prompts which have been used in order to generate this particular video so if I go ahead and take a simple prompt like this one I’m copying the

Prompt from here we if we get into Leonardo ai’s dashboard and go to image generation I just typ the same prompt here and then if I go ahead and generate two such images under stable diffusion 2.0 model the spec ratio so let me get 1

Is to one of spec ratio and then if I generate let’s see how these images turn out to be this is the image and if I make a video out of it I can simply go ahead and do that by clicking on this motion video option and now let’s see

After giving a createing adding motion which one turns out to be better so this is the result from Leonardo Ai and you can see the side this is the result from Blum do let me know in the comment section which one is going to be more effective the next feature is image to

Video these are all images turned into video exactly the way I have created this video from Leonardo AI these are the outputs and these are this is the prompt which are being used input Prompts Stylized generation model where we will we can give a particular a reference image and that way you can generate similar kind of image from other for other Videos Next part is video stylizer you can see these are the kind of models which have been made from one particular video The Source video was a blood image and um was a lady running or jogging that has been uh redesigned as a wooden block a paper art toy bricks and Flow flowers

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Similarly you can see here the the input video was a dogs this is again with wood blocks paper art blocks and Flowers let us see what is coming up next next is cinemagraphs where you can select a part of any image and that part can be animated only right here we can see only the butterfly is animated and that to in a most realistic Manner you can mask a part of a particular video and give something you know create something out of it suppose this is a source video where there was a mask and this can be recreated by AI please do let me know what you think about these features are they going to change the

Entire video generation model forever I really look forward for your command with that let us move forward to to the second software of today the second software which has come up in GitHub in a paper recently is calledo AI this software is focusing on generating the lip sync from an image

Most realistic way this is how they are creating realistic lip sync and video synthesis while it can make a particular image syn or talk right we are giving two inputs here one in the form of audio one in the form of image that is PNG and

MP3 files and it will generate lip sync when I was a kid I feel like you heard the thing you heard the term don’t cry I don’t even and one night he goes off crazier than usual mommy yes one and in this manner he was to imagine me his

Love with that let us move forward to the next software which is Sora which was announced by open AI last month let us see how this software is going to create 3D animation videos just by one click these videos are created with the help of some text prompt you’re

Seeing on my screen some 3D video 3D animation videos and the prompts are also being shown on the the screen so this these sort of V effects or animations can be created just by a couple of Words Let us move forward to see the vlogging and cinematic cinematographic shots these are few videos which are created again from Ai and with that mysterious software which I’m going to talk about Now let us do some fun thing let us take one of the examples and try to create the same video from different other text to video softwares which are available at this moment the first software I’m going to show you is Runway ml if you want to see the complete

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Tutorial of Runway ml you may get that video link in the description you may check for the time being for testing purpose I have copied the same prompt of a squirel 3D animation and I have pasted that same prompt here now I I have changed a couple of parameters here here

I have taken pan left camera motion and saved it and here I have taken from different styles I have picked up 3D cartoon style and then go to generate for 4 seconds and this is what I got from Runway ml text to video animation now the third software which I’m going

To use is Leonardo AI motion here again you can get my complete tutorial Link in the description you may go ahead and check that but for now I will show you how have I created this videos well once you log to leonado AI you need to go to

Email generation option and on the search on the prompt box I have pasted the exact same prompt and then I have selected two images from here I have selected 3D animation style and just change the ratio to 16 is9 then I have just clicked on this generate button and these were

Two images which came out from this prompt this was number one and this was number two then I upscaled it by going to this smooth upscaling option once it is done go to this small motion option and keep the motion Strength 2 to three maximum and then go go to this generate

Option and after generating this this was the final outcome from this software with the same Prompt now you can Jolly well understand the difference it is Hellen Heaven difference with the existing AI text to video text to motion softwares and the video which I have shown you Now let me reveal the name of the software the name of the software is the name of the software is Sora please go uh in the description and get the link and you can check this is um basically at this moment this is not physically available

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To us but you can see the potential you can just type the prompt and it will generate a the most realistic animation animation video or even anything whatever it is coming in your imagination you just put it in words and it will create the visuals in the most

Realistic way and these are few of such Examples And it has been announced only on 15th of February 2024 so we can expect we just need to put the prompt in the prompt box and it is going to generate up to 60c video guys this is to be a very uh challenging part for text

To video generators only 3 4 5 six seconds maximum 10 seconds of clip we used to create and here in Sora we will be able to create 60 seconds long videos so we have seen sod is going to to bring a revolution in the world of artificial

Intelligence text to video Nish and we those who are actually experimenting with AI tools it is going to be a true blessing for all of us do let me know in the comment section what do you think about this Ai and try out these prompts in some other text to

Video softwares which are available with us and see the difference and get ready for this revolutionary Journey with open AI s it is going to be available for us very soon please I look forward for your comment to let me know how this software appears to be for

You and if you want to know different models different AI tools please do visit ww. vacp where we have created a comprehensive course for you all which is getting an Aly bird offer as well at this moment so guys if you like this video please please please do subscribe

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Me I’ll come back with some fun tutorial next week till then stay safe and stay legendry

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