Hi welcome to the PowerHouse affiliate Channel today I’m going to be updating on the $10,000 a month website case study lots of updates for Merch became profitable in merch from SEO traffic organic and paid traffic I’m going to show you some information about how I did that we’re going to talk about the

Steps I’ve taken so far on this case study and one of the biggest hurdles that happened in March that a lot of you have probably heard about and we’re going to talk about that in this video so let’s get started okay welcome so first I want to

Talk about the latest update from Google which is the March 2024 update that a lot of people are talking about which is targeted towards spam uh spam behavior on websites including targeting um expired domains or aggressive link building approaches or content that doesn’t have the eat component to it which is expertise experience

Authoritativeness and trustworthiness and also content that is mass produced in other words AI so thankfully this project started in February and we didn’t get into a whole bunch of content generation or backlinking and we kind of dodged a bullet I would say in terms of creating a whole bunch of content and getting

Penalized in merch so while the content on this website is somewhat you know weak we need to aggressively fix that content and that’s what we’ve been doing uh behind the scenes in this case study so you’re going to see some of the information that I’ve been working on

One of the steps I’ve taken to take this site into profitability and March so without wasting any further time I want to get into it now and talk about some of the considerations I’m going to be doing over the next few weeks into into April as I continue trying to get this

To $10,000 a month so let’s get in there now okay so here is the case study update for March I’ll be going through a quick presentation and also I wanted to mention that this discussion is currently ongoing in our power host affiliate Forum where there’s some great advice coming from some members there

And if you’re if you want to be uh up to date on this case study where I update throughout the month on things I’m doing come into our Forum here you can see we have it right up top here the $10,000 month case study you can join the

Discussion and you’ll see that I have been providing more updates on some data and some discussion around what’s actually happening behind the scenes so I encourage you to come in there and check out our other case studies as well that we’re doing um live in the Forum so as we continue on now

Let’s go into what’s actually happening so the steps taken in March I added the WordPress rocket uh plugin that drastically improved the page speed and other factors on the website improved the theme itself so again got the WordPress theme Astra and put that on there I think I might have mentioned

That in the last video and since then it’s been U really loading a lot faster added the terms of ser uh T table of contents plugin implemented landing page split tests for the Google ads campaign that I’m going to talk about here shortly optimized the Google ads to make

Some more profit updated five supporting article posts which link back to the pillars cuz we did a massive comprehensive content audit on this website and basically ripped out all the terrible content that was outdated took that out of there redirected it all to some new content and it’s starting to show some

Improvements uh removed again one off topic post got access to two more CPA affiliate offers adjusted the CPA Target bidding in Google search ads I talk about that in our 30-day challenge how I adjust those bids updated the site maps and submitted this to to the search

Console for Google but also uh Bing ads or or sorry Microsoft uh for bing.com and updated all the URLs and sorted them into pillars and supporting articles updated two pillars I added the blog to social plug-in and we’re starting to see some social traffic now in the analytics which you’ll see here

And created an about page starting to try to build the eat eat as I mentioned earlier we’re trying to get the author bios done and trying to make the content more authoritative and linking to proper uh areas on the internet that have authority and and based on some advice I

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Received from one of our members inside Powerhouse affiliate will’ll also be implementing some more infographics and stuff like that into the content updated our author author bios and then we uh created a Facebook page an X profile YouTube channel and Linkedin also going to be creating a Pinterest profile here

In April and here’s an update on the core web vitals as you may have seen in our previous videos or in my previous videos uh I was I was failing the core web vitals assessment which is a terrible thing for SEO uh because Google thinks your website is not helpful it’s

Probably slow and people don’t like that so now we are passing with flying colors this is great and basically this is a result of using the Astra WordPress theme combined with the WordPress rocket plug-in and connected to Cloud flare as well through the WordPress rocket plugin

Uh and now we are passing so one thing I’m going to stop doing is updating on sem rush because I’m noticing some really terrible results in their data I’m not sure what’s happening lately but their SEO data maybe because of uh the March update maybe they’re they’re

Making mistakes on how they want to report data but what you’re seeing here is that the organic traffic went down since February based on what sem Rush is saying but you’re going to see in the next slide that in fact it went up quite a bit um so they’re saying that my

Organic traffic went down from 25 to 10 but in fact it’s over 300 and something visitors from organic itself and you can see the authority score went up but again with the merch updates a lot of people are arguing that the authority score of your website really doesn’t

Matter anymore and I’m not going to be updating on that either as we go through this case study because really my main f Focus now is good content that is helpful to people that is authoritative that gets shown to people because it is actually real good content um so that’s

What I’m going to be focusing on you can see here so really this is irrelevant because it says I’m only running two paid keywords but in fact I’m running probably over 500 keywords in my paid ad campaign so really far off on their metrics here for March um so I’m really

Not going to use this information because it’s not accurate so let’s move on analytics so Google analytics we can see paid search here is the main source of traffic right now as I mentioned we would speed this up using Google search ads at first that’s what I’m using now

All of that can be seen on this channel I’ve done tons of videos on how I run Google search ads to CPA affiliate offers there’s also a link down in the description for the 30day Google ads challenge still very upto-date course that was created last year but we update

Courses every single year on our platform and it is up to dat for today’s day and age based on how you would run affiliate marketing campaigns on paid search so check that link down in the description now you can see here I’ve also got some direct traffic this is

Currently email traffic because I’m sending it and I didn’t have the UTM tags set up so I’m going to fix that so that it’ll start showing uh perhaps email here but I’m still trying to learn Google an analytics 4 which I really don’t like as much as the old Google

Analytics I’ll be honest with you and you can see organic search is actually 394 people in March based on what sem rush says 10 so way off way off so I’m not even uh going to talk about that um so organic search here 394 for March and

So we’re going to try and base that as almost like a baseline because I started in February but late February so March is going to kind of be the new Baseline and referral traffic and unassigned traffic is is next uh one thing that happened though you

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Can see here I I think the website was hit by the merch update because you can see right here on March around March 7th and 8th the amount of total Impressions dropped dramatically and that is likely due to the March update not a lot of authoritative content on this website I

Was still in the middle of doing the content audit removing terrible content but I still got hit not quick enough updates so I’m going to have to be fighting against this new core update as well but hopefully we can start seeing this graph going up in April as I

Continue to build better content and moving forward um with more improved metric um sorry more improved content that includes data and infographics and actual linkages to places that have real statistics on what I’m talking about so Google ads was actually extremely well for this month for March made lots of

Profits on that I’m going to show you the numbers here in a second but this is basically what I’ve spent on Google ads in March I spent uh nearly $4,500 Canadian which works out to I think 3,600 or so us and but I’m I’m hitting a spot here

Where I do have seven campaigns running and most of them are limited by search volume and by my bidding Target now I don’t really take these limited warnings to too seriously with Google because you can see it’s still running perfectly fine they just want me to spend more

Money so they’re saying the reason why you can’t spend more money is because you’re not increasing your bids or you’re not adding more keywords or whatever it is um lots of different things that could be triggering these limited warnings but it’s still running fine and it’s still profitable and I’m

Happy but I’d like to get this spend up above 5 to 10,000 us meaning I’d have to spend about $10,000 Canadian dollar so I need to double my spend to be happy here but I did make uh a a very decent profit and Roi on this spend I’m going to show

You those numbers in a second like I said but I’m getting paid roughly $32 per conversion which works out to about 42 maybe 40 uh Canadian so you can see I’m I’m profitable very very nicely here except for one campaign here this one was not profitable um losing a little bit there

So I’ll have to optimize this and that’ll be my next step in April is optimizing and trying to increase that spend so what’s completed and what are my next steps uh before I show you the numbers and the traffic metrics comparison okay I’ve completed so far a comprehensive site audit so gone through

All of the content removed the stuff that makes absolutely no sense to the overall strategy here found some really good pillar posts that I’m improving and then putting those as the main posts that all of the supporting articles will link to and the pillar post will link up

To all relevant content including other authoritative websites on the internet um not using AI as much as I thought I would be because that’s really one of the big things that is getting penalized right now with the Google updates so using AI is going to take a little more

Strategy you’re going to need to really make it talk like a human or actually really humanize your content after you get your content created by the robots uh I’ve improved the site structure and navigation again talking about the pillars and the menus and all that stuff added the about page enhanced the page

Speed and connected social media to get some social traffic show you those stats here in a second April top priority is ADD and update content so really it’s a Content game here creating more content getting it out there on social media getting it out there on YouTube getting

More eyes on it so more social traffic is coming to the website helping Google say hey look actually this site is getting a lot of reaction elsewhere this is good this is showing some Authority it’s showing some expertise all of that stuff so I’m going to be working on that

For April and since I did get roughly $345 in profit from just uh organic traffic and email I’m going to be using that $345 to hire somebody to work on Distributing content Snippets across social media using content Studio I believe is what we’re going to be using

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I’ll update next video on how that goes and how we’re doing it but for now that’s the the software that I found through another connection through the power host affiliate forum and I think that looks like a great software so I’m going to I’m going to be using that to

Distribute content through social media with the help of a new assistant and I’ve added uh well I have to add the Facebook ad account pixel I still have not done that but I want to start targeting people on Facebook ads eventually so let’s go look at some of

The data that I post posted in the Forum you can see here in the Forum post I do keep people up to date daily on the checklist that I’m working on and we have discussion down below but here are the statistics here for the traffic and

SEO so you can see the authority score went up I’m not going to be spending too much time on Authority score because I don’t think it’s relevant now organic search traffic from the start to now in March again March is going to be the new Baseline so 394 visitors from organic

619 direct visitors that’s likely from the email I need to add in some UTM tags so we can see better uh clarification on where this direct traffic is coming from Paid search over 4,000 searches um uh 4,000 people came from search ads and organic social finally on the board with

13 visitors from social traffic and that’s as a result of updating the posts and then automatically spinning it out to our profiles that we created on social media um so that is getting a little trickle of traffic right now hopefully going to get a lot more once I

Hire that new person to start focusing just on posting on social and responding to people so here we are for the cost Revenue statistics you can see in March I spent 3341 us and so that’s the Canadian version converted over to us so I spent $3,341 us and made back

$6,000 this is excellent exent that’s almost 100% Roi on the Google search ads driving traffic to a landing page that has a CPA affiliate offer on it and this basically add to landing page to CPA offer the exact strategy described in that link down in the description so

Made about uh that’s where the most profit was made ad click Revenue still not great people not clicking on ads yet but that’s um that’s going to grow as time goes on with more traffic email list made about1 well made $160 from the email list with uh about five

Conversions on that and SEO affiliate Revenue $25 so we do have people coming organically now and hitting these banners that I put up in our previous videos you can remember I mentioned I had put up banners that were interactive for people to come and convert well now it’s generating some Revenue the ad

Clicks Revenue actually this should be ad clicks cost I need to update this this is the cost for the ads is 3,341 other costs were $445 this month I bought the uh improved page speed on homepage for the developer he cost me $199 in work to fix the

Actual coding we put on the WordPress rocket plugin $47 and I changed the theme to Astra so those are those extra costs for Merch with a grand total toal profit in March of $2,593 bringing the total profit since starting this campaign to $486 in the whole but this is going in the right

Direction this is great and I’ll be working in April to bring this back and stay tuned for the next update and if you have any questions or comments please post them down in the comment section or come to the Forum join us in this discussion here that we have going

On and provide your insights and check out our other studies thank you for watching and if you like these updates please don’t forget to subscribe

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