Imagine a world where your words transform into cinematic experiences where every sentence you write becomes a visual Journey this isn’t the stuff of Science Fiction anymore it’s the reality we’re stepping into with the groundbreaking text to video generator AI tool there are so many AI video generators available on the internet and

Just a few days ago a gem came into the market which is 100% free and easy to use in this video I will talk about that tool so without further Ado let’s dive into in introducing the hyper aai a new AI video generator model from converting text in images into video to repainting

Your existing video everything is possible with this tool and most interestingly without any cost to find hyper aai open your browser and search for hyper aai after getting the search result click on the first link upon arriving at the hyper aai homepage click on try for free now we need to create an

Account to to move forward you can create an account with your Google or Discord account okay after creating the account your interface will look like this you will find the previous creations of hyper aai at the top of the page you will find the features to create your videos there are six options

Available here create video with text HD animate your image HD repaint your video create with text prompt animate your image and an upcoming feature extend your video the first two options are are basically for generating videos with highdefinition output all right let’s start the video creation Journey with

Hyper aai first I will try the create video with text HD feature after selecting the tool you will notice a prompt box at the bottom of the page here we have to enter our text prompt let’s try a prompt from Sora I will use this prompt after entering the prompt

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You can select an art style from here if you want to generate realistic results s skip this next if you want to keep your generation private click on the I icon here and turn it off after that in the settings you will find the seat and video duration options if you want a

Continuous result of your previous or any video then use the seat option this time I am skipping it in the duration section at this moment you can generate only a 2cond HD video with Hyper AI if you want a longer video you have to use the create with text prompt options

Coming back to it now hit the create button to generate the video it will take some time to generate the video Let’s fast forward this part and here it is our video is ready it’s quite decent though not as good as Sora okay now if you don’t like the

Video you can always regenerate the video by clicking on the regenerate button from here this is the regenerated video clip next if you want to customize the prompt and regenerate the video click on the very prompt icon from here you will find the video prompt now customize the

Prompt and hit the generate button to generate a video with the new prompt and here is the result all right the next option is repaint I will talk about this feature later to download the video click on the download icon from here you can share

The video on X and Facebook from here as well all right let’s move forward to the next feature to change the creation mode click here and then select the tool this time I will select this tool to generate a 4-second video after selecting the tool enter the prompt I will use the

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Same prompt set the art style if you want and then come to the setting option this time you will find new options after the seed setting you will find the motion setting if you want Auto Motion then skip it I want a fast speed so I am

Increasing the value after that set the duration this time I will go with 4 seconds and here it is this time hyper aai generates a 4-second long video but the video quality is a bit lower than the HD version all right in this way you can generate videos from text prompts with

Hyper AI now let’s try the image to video option after selecting the image to video generator tool we need to upload the image we want to animate after uploading the image enter the scene description or prompt you can also skip it my suggestion is to provide a

Good prompt to get a better result after entering the prompt set the seed motion level and duration after all is set hit the generate button and here it is our video is ready honestly the video quality is not at all convenient let’s try the same image with the HD Feature and here it is this time it generates a better video although it’s a 2C long video the quality is impressive all right now let’s talk about the repaint feature of hyper aai after selecting the repaint tool upload the reference video you can use your haper generated videos too for example I want

To turn this video into a gibli Style video after upload loing the video clip select the art style you can add additional prompts also after that hit the generate button and here it is our video is ready it works perfectly now I am going to share the most interesting feature of

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Hyper aai with this repaint feature you can customize a specific object from a video for example I want to change this woman into a futuristic robot to do this upload the video and then click on the very re Regent button from here now we have to select the area if you click on

Any object the AI will select the area automatically after selecting the area enter the replaced object prompt in the prompt box and then hit the generate button and here is our result unfortunately it didn’t work so well in this way you can generate videos from text prompts or images or can modify the

Video all right friends I will wrap up our video now before that I would love to hear your opinion about the hyper aai video generator model share your thoughts and results in the comments section below don’t forget to like this video if you found it helpful and subscribe to our channel for more

Amazing tutorials like this one thank you so much for watching and until next time happy creating

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