The clappening is happening people we got a new Google core update today and today I’m going to walk through step by step what the new Google core update means for seos right now how things have changed all the crazy announcements this is going to be a good one we’re going to

Get straight into it I’m also going to pull up the analytics for my sites today to show you whether my sites have been hit or Not by the Google core update and basically whether it’s over for AI SEO sites so I’m going to share my screen right now

And we can just get straight into it and see whether it’s Clapper armor or not as Jackie Chow likes to say so I’m going to share my screen right here and this is the new Google coure Update that’s been announced so if we open this up it’s

Just announced a few hours ago actually Helen says hello hello to Helen and I’m gonna pull up there’s two updates announced literally on the same day which is pretty crazy and as you can see one of them is the Google core update and one of them is the spam update

Bianca wise says hello shout out to Bianca SEO says any solution for all Google coure update we’re going to talk about that we’re going to pull up some my sites we’re going to talk about what the new updates mean today as well um we’re just going to go through it step

By step I like to do this live so that we can share the drama together and so if you’re unsure how Google core updates work normally these are just like a holistic overview of your site FC GPC SEO says solution let’s build backlinks I like that Solution that’s usually the

Case just more content more backlinks better keywords so essentially what this means right now is let’s put it up right here the the Google core update is targeting new spam policies right so step by step Google said today we’ve announced the March 2024 core update that was on Tuesday March 5th which was

Yesterday this is designed to improve the quality of search by showing less content that feels like it was made to attract clicks does feel like most content on the internet will be made to attract clicks honestly and more content people find useful it’s always a bit scary when

Google start talking about helpful or useful and we also shared that we have new spam policies to better handle the practices that can negatively improve sorry impact Google search results um then it goes on talk about okay what does the core update mean and some of the span policies so we’ll speak about

The core update first and if you have any questions feel free to pipe in and chip in with any questions you have but Google announced that the March 2024 core update is a more complex update than our usual core updates involving changes to multiple core systems right

So then they talk about an evolution in how to identify the helpfulness of content so if you saw the last helpful content content update last year around August and September you can see that pretty much Reddit was deemed the most helpful content on the internet and if

You look at their traffic it just increased exponentially H is letting me down on the live right here we’ll refresh that and see if that works if not I pay $1,000 an a month for a tool that doesn’t work okay right so let’s keep it going now on the live so

Basically they’ve Google were talking about like making massive changes to all of their core systems for grading websites so that they can find more helpful content update now they’ve said that the update will take up to a month to roll out so there’s going to be a lot of

Fluctuations in the rankings so if you see like your traffic going up and down if you see it being very unpredictable that’s probably part of the reason why Mr Planet profit says I’m confused feel free to ask any questions if you’re confused and again Google have said there’s

Nothing new or special that creators need to do for this update as long as it they’ve been making satisfy satisfying content meant for people so for those that might not be ranking as well we strongly encourage reading our creating helpful reliable people first content page which redit

Obviously did like you can see their traffic is going exponentially up and uh they must have read those guidelines and created it perfectly so there’s not really much there that tells us what we need to do right I think that’s a very fluffy outline and it doesn’t help much but let’s check out

The new spam policies so Google have announced spam policies and I can see why because there’s literally billions of pages going live every single month right now right by the way if you’re watching this and you’re enjoying it please smash a like on it just helps me

Reach more people so that we can help more people and educate more people for free on YouTube so in terms of spam policies basically Google have announced three new spam policies against Bad practices right and those three different use cases are expired domain abuse scaled content abuse inight

Reputation abuse now I think this comes down partly to the craziness that’s been involved with parasite SEO recently I think that’s been absolutely insane it’s just kind of got out of hand and Google needed to do something about it and additionally expired domain abuse is an

Interesting one I think a lot of people you know expired domains and they redirect those domains or they get them live with AI content and it just gives you a head start you know you might get like a six-month or one year head start on that versus creating a new domain in

Terms of scaled content abuse I can see that too as well I mean like if you’ve seen some of the interviews I’ve done with programmatic seos you know for example um Chris Palmer he was talking about launching 306,000 pages in one week for a new site and I

Can see why gole might want to crack down on that that makes sense they’ve also said that we encourage content creators to review all of our span policies and ensure they aren’t engaging in such practices now one thing I would say here just going back to this first paragraph

Right the they want to show less content that feels like it was made to attract clicks the thing is good content usually attracts clicks like for example if you look at some of the biggest and most successful content creators on YouTube for example Alex hosi he cre content

Designed to attract clicks but also to help people and I think the whole point of creating content on the Internet is that it has to attract clicks because if you don’t win the click you you’re never going to get seen if you don’t get seen then have you really created good

Content so I’m going to keep scrolling down right now so when it comes to expired domain abuse Google search Central has said that expired domain abuse is where an expired domain is purchased and repurposed primarily to manipulate search rankings by hosting content that provides little to no value

To uses I think that’s the key phrase right here right is like if you’re not providing any value with your content then what’s the point in creating it right and it’s probably not going to convert very well anyway if you’ve got content that isn’t of any value to

Anyone but let’s keep going now so for example someone might purchase a domain previously used by a medical site and repurpose that to host lowquality Casino related content I mean that makes total sense right if you got an expired domain that’s in the medical niche and then you create content on there in

The casino Niche simply because it ranks well well that’s pretty crazy and that’s a bit misleading so Craig Mullen says are we ready to throw in the towel absolutely yeah I’m ready Chuck it in Chuck all your towels in shut down your website close down your hosting leave

All the traffic to me and everyone else doing SEO that’s what I say just kidding all right so I can see the expired domain abuse I actually don’t know that many people abuse using it I don’t in this case for example creating medical sites and then posting Casino content that’s

Pretty crazy I don’t know many people doing that so let’s scroll down now to the next section which I think would be very interesting for a lot of people watching this right which is scaled content abuse now they’re actually linked to a resource there we’ll check

That out in a second this one right here but they’ve said scaled content abuse is when many pages are generated for the primary purpose of manipulating search rankings and not helping users right this abusive practice is typically focused on creating large amounts of unoriginal content that provides little

To no value to users no matter how it’s created now again I think this comes down to this part right so when I look at a lot of AI websites that have created content typically the content they create and scale up you know even if they’re creating thousands of pages

Is usually better content and easier to read and the better easier experience and nicer formatted than 99% of the human writers I’ve hired in the past say off platforms like or upwork and so it seems like if you read this in the whole context of the sentence scaled content abuse is when

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You’re you’re creating rubbish content at scale right I’m not going to use any swear words on this live and then they’ve said this new policy Builds on our previous fan policy about automatically generated content ensuring that we can take action on scaled content abuse is needed no matter whether content is produced through

Ultim human efforts or some combination of human and automated process here’s a thing to notice as well is like this isn’t just about AI sites so AI sites obviously you can create content as scale some of that content can be really good some of it can be total trash

Depending on what tool you use but also this is about like even if you’re creating content with humans but you’re trying to scale it up and it’s not that useful to the person reading it then what’s the point right and that’s what this is all about so Helen says rubbish

Content combined with a plugin for automation yes something like that so is this a change in how Google views AI content in terms of spam quite an interesting one here so they’ve said that our long-standing spam policy has been that the use of automation including generative AI is Spam if the

Primary purpose is manipulating rankings in search results here’s the thing I would say if you look at any website trying to get traffic from SEO then typically in some way or another they are trying to manipulate their rankings to search results I don’t think this is anything new I think this

Has been in a lot of Google terms and a lot of Google updates but basically manipulating rankings is basically what every single person who interest in SEO is trying to do because you’re trying to create content that ranks on Google to get more traffic to grow your business

And to make more money and so I think if you look at the SEO industry as a whole which is a billion dollar in industry 90 99% of the people in there are trying to manipulate search results does that mean that people in this billion dollar industry are all

Breaking Google search policies that’s something we all have to to sort of think about the updated policy is In The Same Spirit of our previous policy and based on the same principle it’s been expanded to account for more sophisticated scale content creation methods where it isn’t always clear whether lowquality content was created

Through automation so again I think that’s the case right it’s like if you’re using AI content for automation it’s it doesn’t matter how you create it it’s more about the quality of the content whether it actually serves the end user right so if you’re creating of something of value

For example like zapia if you look at zappia’s website I think they do create a lot of automated content through their pages but it’s actually really good content that people enjoy using and so even though it’s programmatically created and even though it’s created in a way that that automates a

Lot of the content creation it’s actually quite useful right and a lot of these e-commerce sites as well they create content at scale programmatically but it’s actually quite useful content to the user so let’s have a look at the next one which is what’s different from the old policy against automatically

Generate content and the updated policy against scaled abuse so Google have said our new policy is meant to help people focus more clearly on the idea that producing content at scale is abusive if done for the purpose of manipulating search rankings and that this applies whether automation or humans are

Involved right so whether AI or automation or humans are involved still applies doesn’t matter if you’re using humans to scale your content doesn’t matter if you’re using AI to scale your content what matters is whether the content is for the purpose of manipulating search rankings

Now I’m not going to BS you I’m sure you wouldn’t be asked me if you’re watching this but again every single SEO on the planet is literally focus on that which is manipulating or optimizing search rankings right so everyone’s trying to get more traffic and and that’s the same

On YouTube as well you know everyone’s trying to get better rankings on YouTube everyone’s trying to get more traffic we’re not creating videos just for the sake of creating videos Everyone’s trying to to get more attention right and how does that what does that come down to it comes down to manipulating

Search rankings whether you’re on YouTube whether you’re on Twitter whether you’re on Google Etc it’s all about manipulating your rankings to to get more track to grow your business and make more money otherwise if you’re creating content for SEO but you’re not trying to rank then that would be a total waste of

Time right so it’s quite an interesting one another question we got asked was do you think optimizing titles and descriptions improves rankings or just improve CTR I think if you improve CTR then you will improve your rankings as a byproduct because it signals to Google that your content is quality and that’s

Why people are clicking on it in the first place and so if you have a high CTR this is a signal that your content is the most relevant to that search term and therefore gradually over time where Google gets more and more data about your ctrs it’s going to push you up the

Rankings so that’s an interesting one I don’t think there’s anything new there I don’t genuinely Google is saying don’t manipulate search rankings seos are all trying to manipulate search rankings I I don’t see the difference so let’s have a look at the scale content abuse section and what they Define it as

So they’ve said that scaled content abuse is when many pages are generated for the primary purpose of manipulating search rankings again that’s basically the point of every single SEO tool ever created right it’s all about manipulating rankings so it’s quite an interesting one there this abusive practice is typically focused on

Creating large amounts of unoriginal content that bides little to no value to users no matter how it’s created so again I think this is the key right is like if you’re not providing value to users what’s the point if your content isn’t useful to anyone reason in it well

No one’s going to enjoy reading it anyway no one’s going to consume it even if they do land on the page and it’s definitely not going to convert so yeah I think that’s the main focus is like if you don’t create value in your content and your content isn’t useful in any way

Then it’s a all waste of time so now they’ve talked about examples of scaled content abuse and they’ve said it includes but it’s not limited to using generative AI tools or other similar tools to generate many pages without adding value for users again it’s all about that value right so for example if

You watch a YouTube video like this I’m trying to explain exactly what the new updates are and that’s where you get the value and also you finding out my opinion plus everyone else is watching and asking questions that’s where the value is if I was just copying and

Pasting or just literally reading out this whole thing without adding any value or without commenting on it or explaining my opinions on it that wouldn’t add value and therefore it’s not a very good piece of content let’s talk about the next thing which is scraping feeds search results

Other content to generate many pages okay stitching or combining content from different web pages creating multiple sites with the intent of hiding the scaled nature of the content that’s quite an interesting one I’d like to know more about that and then creating many pages where the content makes

Little or no sense to reader but contains Search keywords if you’re hosting such content from your site excluded from search yeah I mean there’s still nothing groundbreaking there I don’t see any massive difference it is interesting they’ve talked about it I think that’s the whole point is like they’re trying

To crack down on on people creating sites at scale and particularly those sites if the content is not very good now let’s come on to the third part so we’ve covered expired domains we’ve covered content at scale now let’s talk about site reputation abuse now this is quite an interesting one because

Obviously I would say part of this comes down to the increase in parasite SEO and where people leveraging the reputation of a site and the authority of it to rank on Google so they’ve said site reputation abuse is when thirdparty pages are published with little or no first party oversight or involvement

Where the purpose is to manipulate search rankings by taking advantage of the first party sit’s ranking signals AK their Authority right so if a site has a lot of ranking signals like more backlinks a lot of domain Authority Etc a lot of people are going on to their

Sites and creating content and then trying to rank it and by the way I’m not going to say whether any of this is good or bad in this video I’m just going to talk about okay what are the facts and and what does this mean for seos right

Now so then they’ve said such third-party Pages include sponsored advertising partner or other third party pages that are typically independent of a host site’s main purpose or produced without close Insight or oversight of involvement of the host site okay and again it comes down to that is it useful

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For the user or not now if you look at websites like for example Outlook India let’s open that up I would say this is a prime example of it right and actually the traffic seems to be recovering a little bit since December but you can see how they

Took a massive hit last year so they were at 19 million traffic now they’re at 10 million traffic and it’s quite an interesting one I think I I can see why it’s a massive problem because people are basically just creating their own little Outlook India everywhere right so for example

You can see all these massive authoritative sites that being leveraged for parasite SEO or subdirectories um and that’s a m massive thing right now so let’s keep going now what ranking signals the site have blah blah blah my site is a coupon area that’s an interesting one I think a lot of

Publications do have these subd directories where they host coupon pages and then they make money for affiliate or whatever and it says if the publication is actively involved in the production of the coupon area there’s no need to block this content from search now I think that’s an interesting one

Because basically if you look at a lot of sub directories that are being built it’s not actually being created by the owner of the site it’s being created by an SEO or a partner who comes in and then creates the content and ranks it atram says visited your channel

Earlier I know you talk about this update Sean says YouTube itself is a parasite I would agree yeah I think YouTube is a parasite platform that ranks really well on Google right now so I don’t see any issues there again Muhammad Usman says boss LinkedIn pages

Is still ranking yeah I know it’s crazy right so I want to show you some of my rankings I’m just going to go through all my sites I don’t really care at this point we’ll just open them all up some of them got hit during the helpful

Content I I’ve made videos about that in the past and we’re going to see what’s happening after the update over the last sort of three or six months to see what’s going on so have we been hit by the update have we not you can see my

Google search console lined up for each site as you can see right there let’s just get straight into it so if we look at the one and only chipper that has been taking slow grinding hereit since the helpful content update it’s kind of leveled out over the last

Month or so so it’s been bouncing around between I would say 450 to 500 clicks a day and it’s kind of stabilized right now and over the last couple of days it’s actually increased in traffic so it got 500 this day and then 491 that day let’s take a

Look at the next one which is relax like a boss that’s not really doing that much at the minute let’s have a look at astrological Eden astrological Eden kind of at the same point right so it does bounce around a lot as you can see naturally during the week anyway and I

Think that’s a thing to remember here is like your analytics are going to go up and down over the next s month and that comes down to the Natural fluctuations of like day-to-day stuff but also because it’s going to be so sporadic and temperamental in the rankings over the

The next month or so and you just have to wait and see what happens this site as well it’s kind of leveled out a little bit so we took it from literally a few clicks a day to 265 clicks a day I would ignore that because I think that

Was just a crazy Peak when I mentioned it in the YouTube video but as you can see the traffic’s going on nicely let’s have a look at the next one this one up and down like a yo-yo and this one the traffic has gone up this is J so not seeing a

Massive fluctuation in rankings right there none of my sites have been hit so far it’s not the Clapping in just yet but it’s still really early dates I mean this announcement just got made yesterday so let’s see how it goes from there and we’re going to keep scrolling

Down now one thing I want to have a look at as well is Twitter I always like to see the reactions on Twitter when it comes to updates so if we put in core update right here and let’s see what’s going on right

Now so this is a great GIF of a guy on a roller coaster looking totally chill the eye contact is amazing and aie said Google today we announced the March 2024 Court update and new span policies and then he’s he’s basically said that you know most seos are totally chill right

Now I think that’s 100% the case it’s like it’s nothing new that we haven’t seen before honestly if I actually go into granular depth inside the helpful content updates and and the core update guidelines there’s nothing round breaking there but I do expect to see some AI sites hit and I think that’s

Just a matter of time also see I can also see like a lot of parasite SEO Pages not being as effective as before but I think that had to happen it had to it was getting out of control you know and then also I can see sub directories

Getting hit as well as expired domains but let’s see let’s see you know these these updates they don’t tend to create a massive amount of change unfortunately some people do get hit along the way so nich site lady says apparently the latest Google core update will say bye

To bulk published AI content parasite SEO and expired domains that’s going to be an interesting one let’s just see what happens for me I don’t I don’t mind either way like everything that I show on YouTube in terms of AI content is all an experiment like I always say and feel

Free to discard what you don’t like use what you do like and you have to experiment to push the limits I actually don’t use expired domains at all but I know a lot of people are making millions and millions of dollars when it comes to expired domains and parasite SEO as well

Like I’ve shown in many case studies is just working beautifully working better than ever this is the official announcements it was announced 10 hours ago from Google search console and that was basically it and let’s keep scrolling down now see if we got anything else new so scaled content abuse and site

Reputation abuse yeah this is a good way of looking at it actually is like when you actually break down the terms if you want to simplify it scaled content abuse just equals programmatic SEO site reputation abuse equals parasites but again it’s about how much value do you

Create in your content right if you’ve got a piece of software that creates AI content at scale and it’s both generated but it’s actually some of the best content on the internet then there’s nothing to worry about there Muhammad Usman says the question is how long oh Sean says how long will

LinkedIn content rank for I’m not sure it’s going to be an interesting one I actually kind of part of me does feel like I would like it to be rolled back because parasite SEO is oped right now and honestly all the Investments people make into the website after the helpful

Content update it’s been brutal because you know you see LinkedIn or Reddit or someone like that ranking for pretty much every search term even if the content is not that good and that is pretty much it I think yeah we’ve done a deep dive right there we’ve covered pretty much all the

Guidelines and the new updates I’ve answered all the questions in the live if You’ got any questions feel free to ask them quickly now and type them in and if you’re watching this please do smash a like on it that would make a big difference but yeah I think that’s

Pretty much it when it comes to the core update it’s going to be interesting to see what happens if any of my sites change dramatically in terms of rankings I’ll make sure I cover that in a future video so make sure you subscribe if you want to get more information on that and

If we open up this you you might be interested in Booking an SEO strategy SE that talks about how to get more leads more traffic and more sales to website feel free to book that in link is in the comments in description and we can talk about how to

Get more traffic your SEO domination plan you discover the secrets of Link building you get your questions answered live on an SEO strategy session with a real human and Usman says boss have you used a new version of Claude actually I have and I absolutely love love it I’m

Going to be honest with you like I don’t know if you’ve seen this this is absolutely insane like if you if anyone is watching this and wants to create human written content it’s it’s crazy I tested out yesterday and I was like wow this is unbelievable let me show you an

Example exactly what I’m talking about right so Claude if no one has used it right here you can subscribe right now for for Claude free Opus but basically when you create content it it’s actually it’s really good for for feeling more human so I’m going to say like tell me about SEO right

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Now and I’m going to see whether this comes up now when I tested it yesterday it actually came up as 100% human I’m going to try and find that yeah it was this test right here so test today at 12:26 p.m yesterday and I’ll wait for originality to load but

Claude AI just copied and pasted the content from Claude and you can see see it came out as 100% original now I didn’t do anything fancy with this let me show you an example so if I go through my my history and this is to generate

This is the content that generated so I said what is parazite SEO and then I put more content to just generate a bit more content and you can see that I copied and pasted this straight into originality so that is the paragraph word for word from Claude that I created

Yesterday and you can see it comes out as 100% original how crazy that that is absolutely insane whereas for example if we use I want to use co-pilot because the reason that I’m going to use co-pilot is because I’ve already got my customer instructions plugged in on chat

Gbt so it wouldn’t be a fair test but if I say like tell me about parasite AI SEO and then we’ll use that to plug it into the content scanner on original we’ll see how that performs now just in the meantime let’s read out a few more questions Helen says thank you for

Everything you do appreciate the content you put out thanks so much for watching appreciate everyone who watches it honestly I I wouldn’t be here today without everyone who has supported me along the channel and we just hit 75,000 subscribers this month so appreciate that and appreciate everyone who watches

Sean says I know Reddit has been doing real good the key is having your own subreddit absolutely but I think as well it’s about interaction right so if you look Reddit and the subreddits are ranking really well typically it’s actually the number of up votes that helps a page

Rank so I’m just going to plug this into originality this is the content from copilot and we’ll see how that performs in terms of AI detection so yeah you can see that comes out of 100% AI so which is better the free version of chat GPT

On Bing or the free version of CLA and you can see the co-pilot and B and chat GPT 4 that’s built into co-pilot comes out of 100% AI generated content very easy to detect straight off the bat but Claude with the new update that came out

Yesterday and I’m going to show you it again right now this one came out as 100% original and there’s no fancy prompt in there I literally just put what is Parasite SEO and then I said more content it was the laziest prompting in the world it still works beautifully

And mmon Rahat says if I buy backlinks from you is it different from getting backlinks from upw work or so yeah I don’t want to give you like the hard sales pitch but I can show you exactly why we’re different so let me open up our agency strategy

Right and so when it comes to our link building service I would say we’re not even comparable to most people on nwor or any sort of Link Builder out there right and the reason for that is because number one you get a personal link building account manager now I have

White labeled with several different link building agencies you never get a personal account manager you never get a contact that replies to you within 24 hours Additionally you get exclusive access to the best websit so when we actually create backlinks we have a 50o checklist that I’ve talked a lot about

On my YouTube channel that helps us really filter out the best quality backlinks and the thing is 100% of people watching this can create backlinks but 99% of people out there cannot vet back links and that’s what it comes down to right so imagine trying to

Build back links but then saying I can only build back links if it follows all of this criteria total nine there right and that’s the difference you need a big team to to prospect criteria it’s not easy to to filter through the best back links and it takes a lot of time and

That’s why we actually have three people check the back links approve them and scan them for Quality before we build them Additionally you get free access to the SEO Mastermind coaching program if you’re a client of us so this normally costs like $3,600 a year let me pull up

The SEO Mastermind right here so this is our SEO coaching program and basically it comes with weekly calls with me so you can see you get two weekly coaching course with me you get loads of different courses including a very basic uh easy to understand but very powerful

Uh road map on exactly how to do keyword research content creation link building hiring conversion rate optimization and self-improvement systems right um this is by far the best SEO coaching program that I’ve ever seen and additionally if you have any questions you can Master M with me and the community right so you

Get the calls you get the classroom you get the community and that is included for free just as an extra uh as part of our link building service right so it’s absolutely insane what you get you don’t just get the back BL because you get everything else and that in itself will

Help train you and your team to get the best results possible Additionally you get 50 low competition high volume keywords you can easily rank for so 99% of Link Builders when you ask them to build links will just go off and build links they’re not going to give you all

Of this they’re not going to give you the account manager the 50 point checklist three layers of approval they’re not going to give you free access to a massine where you can jump on calls with me personally and they’re not going to give you the keywords or

The content calendar and so that’s the difference really so if you want to book in a a call about that feel free you can get that right here and I’ll post a link in the chat Jason says been a minute what’s up you cheeky Gea I heard about

This update so I had to see what you said on thanks for tuning in Jason appreciate you jumping in I was thinking about you know it’s going to sound funny but I was thinking about your comment the other day cheeky G it always makes me laugh when I think about that so

Thanks for watching I appreciate it as always my moon says is there a link for this yes I posted it in the chat and Sean says comments and links on Reddit is the factor for ranking post absolutely that’s what it’s all about so yeah that’s pretty much it I think I’ve

Covered every single thing that I can feel free to check out the SEO coaching program if you want free access to that as a live client you can just book in a free SE strategy session see if it’s for you see if it’s not again are we

Different from 99% of link with and agencies out there absolutely because you just get an insane amount of value and the thing is if you’re hiring a freelancer or FW work or somewhere like that there’s no way that they have the resources the team the reach the

Expertise and the time to be able to give you as much value as we give you f so that’s the difference between us and the only reason I can get to that point I can tell you now is just from iterating for seven years and asking myself every single day how can I

Improve my service how can I help people more and that’s what I do on YouTube that’s what I do in my agency Jason says I’m honored I’m honored for you watching appreciate it mamed says boss how to generate Amazon review articles in Claude I might do that in a future

Workflow actually I think that’d be a really good one to go through and I can talk about how to create Amazon product reviews using Claude to rank number one on Google and appreciate everyone who’s watching we got 57 people live on on the call we got 19 likes on it so if you’re

Still watching this please do smack smash a like on on it and appreciate as always Jesse says love the live videos Julian how do you do a video per day I would say all right thanks for I mean Jesse number one if no one’s seen his channel check it out definitely when

It comes to doing a video live per day I just dedicate one to two hours a day to this I mean this video itself only to like 35 minutes it’s not too bad and just trying to make it as efficient as possible you see in my videos literally

Have no editing no production quality it’s just about providing value and trying to create the best possible video I can so yeah that’s it so and coffee helps as well all right thanks everyone for watching appreciate it as always and have a great day good luck with the update byebye

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