Hi welcome to the PowerHouse affiliate Channel today I want to give an update on the project the case study for the $10,000 a month challenge where we’re going to try to take a website from0 to $10,000 a month in six months is it possible what am I doing I’m going to

Give you the updates how much money I’ve spent in the last week since starting this project wanted to give an update of the steps taken how much work is involved so that people can see that this is uh possible for one thing but also how much work it is and there is no

Guarantee that at the end of this case study this site will be making $110,000 a month profit but hey it’s going to be fun along the way so if you like that please don’t forget to subscribe to the channel click the like button and let’s get started and let’s give you an

Update all right so we’re going to go inside and I’m going to show you a presentation of things I’ve accomplished in the last week some people I’ve been speaking to regarding getting this thing underway also what steps have been taken and how much money at the end you’re

Going to see how much I’ve spent and the results we do have some Revenue coming in I’m going to talk about that briefly at the end and so please stick around it’s not going to be a super long video but it’s going to be an update of what

We’re doing so let’s do the presentation now here is the presentation I want to do today this is update number two because last week we did the video on the start of this project if you didn’t watch that yet please check it out and in that video I mentioned that the whole

Purpose of this is to show the the possibility of taking one of our courses here the affiliate marketing certification course at Powerhouse affiliate it describes the process of building a website from scratch creating a business and monetizing that website and then eventually creating traffic for

It these are are all the steps I’m going to be taking throughout this case study and eventually we’re going to get into the website traffic and we’ve already started to implement some things within the CPA marketing certification course for monetization of the actual website so we did Implement some of the

Strategies here and you’re going to see some of the minor results we’ve gotten so far because again it’s only been a week but let’s get into it now uh what have we done so far so the steps taken since the last video we added some ad

Widgets so just for a quick recap we got the website from Flippa the website had a lot of problems with it so we took some steps to start making this site better it’s almost like an online real estate flip I like to compare it to that because I’ve done offline real estate

And today we’re talking about online real estate we’re taking a decrepit old website and we’re trying to bring it back to life and perhaps maybe sell it someday for much much more okay so we added the widgets the ads were added using the advanced ads plugin you can

See here Advanced ads is a WordPress plugin and this plugin allows us to insert ads throughout the posts so this is a free plug-in you can get it for your own WordPress website and it helps you to add um manage your ads basically so that was the first step and we don’t

Have any Revenue yet from Those ads but you’re going to see this at the end that we did get Revenue somewhere else we added the rank math SEO plugin again this is another free WordPress plug-in that you can use to help improve your SEO it gives you results uh of your

Search console it connects there it talks about Snippets and schemas and all of that kind of stuff and it helps you build better posts that are more SEO uh optimized so it gives you all the recommendations when you’re writing your post on what kind kind of titles you

Should be using what kind of keywords all of that stuff um you can actually get that free the all the links for these tools are down in the description and I’ll also put the video part one there and you can also check our blog at Powerhouse affiliate.com blog where

We’re also keeping updates of this case study as we continue throughout the summer and keep building this website next what do we do we added active banners to the top of all posts okay so this is another thing we used chat GPT to do this um basically

Went into chat GPT and said hey build us a banner that is engages people so it’s not just a banner like your classic traditional banners that nobody clicks on it’s something that engages the user to hopefully get them to convert so it asks them a couple questions boom and

Then they go to the affiliate offer this here has not produced any results yet either of course we don’t have a lot of traffic on this website yet um so we’re going to be monitoring that over the next week or two and we’re going to see if we get some conversions out of

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That we analyze the pages with the most traffic to see where opport opportunity lies again not a lot of traffic we showed that in the last video there were two posts that were getting a lot of traffic well a lot of the traffic so relatively speaking they were getting

The most traffic and and so we looked at those posts but unfortunately they are more informative posts and not posts that are built for converting customers into you know sales so we added a lead capture form on the Side Bar uh we used aweber so aweber you can use for free up

To 500 subscribers so again not spending any money yet on these tools aweber is an email automation software and it allows you to collect emails and we also use this as part of our course in the cpv uh CPA course talking about a method of creating campaigns that you can

Collect emails while at the same time converting CPA offers into commissions that’s where we made the money on this so far and we’re going to talk about that here in a second but that’s the tool we’re using to collect emails next updated the five main sales pages of this website they weren’t

Really great and they’re promoting a product and service both uh through the website through five separate pages so we updated those pages changed some of the the structure of the metad descriptions and and did some some simple SEO by adding some alt tags and all of that kind of stuff all things

That we got from our next steps that you’re going to see here added two new pillar Pages the these are Powerhouse affiliate landing pages that way we didn’t have to use a plugin so inside Powerhouse affiliate you can see that we also have landing page templates in there we have optimize press templates

But we also have templates you can use in any Niche pretty much there’s probably over 30 or 40 different niches and hundreds of of available landing pages these landing pages are easy to edit there’s a video in there describing how to edit these landing pages so we

Built two it doesn’t take long a couple hours to build two landing pages so it wasn’t a lot of work because we already had the templates inside so we added those and we link those from the main website because those are going to be the pages that we’re sending paid

Traffic to to help speed things along here we created two Google search ads campaigns for these new landing pages now I wanted to reference a video we did last week with uh Craig Campbell SEO expert and in that video he mentioned and I will pop that video up he

Mentioned that by getting traffic to these Pages it does help your SEO as well Google Sees activity Google Sees engagement and they help bring those pages up more um and he had referenced that in his video when he started doing social media posts about his um pages

That he wanted to rank higher it was getting more traffic and he was seeing results so we’re gonna we’re going to put that to the test and we’re actually actively trying to get these landing pages converting and ranking by paying for traffic to make sure that we can

Keep optimizing that landing page next we posted a job on upwork for an SEO Tech analysis and repair we want somebody that can come in and do all the tech work because it’s just a pain in the ass to do by yourself there’s so many little things like adding tags to

Images and so basically we just posted the job and I’ll show you what we got out of that we analyzed the results there was over 65 applications within 6 hours for this job the applications just kept coming in and I was getting flooded with people wanting this job so

Basically I analyzed the results and hired one guy so here we are on upwork and on upwork you can post a job it’s no cost to join upwork and post your job but as you continue paying these people there are fees involved so upwork makes money that way and basically it gives

You access to many many people and in there I actually posted a job for SEO specialist like I said and got so many people applying that even people were offering free work just to get in the door to be even be considered so I took advantage of some of the free work where

They are doing an inspection of the website almost like on offline real estate we have inspectors come in and they inspect the house and they find all the things wrong with the house before you even start working on it or buying it so these SEO Specialists do the same

Thing but they’re using software to examine the website so software like ah refs or sem rush I actively use sem rush so um that tool helps find all the things wrong with the website so I I asked the person two people actually to do some free analysis because that was part of their

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Um job description so I got some results back from them and you can see here we already knew this before the authority score is about 7 out of 100 which is very low we have organic traffic of 25 according to the software tools looking at other tools like the search console

It’s a little higher than that and it’s still very terrible for website traffic we have about 503 backlinks from 105 referring domains this is going to have to go up a lot more and we’re going to be actively working on that over the coming months getting more backlinks to

Our best posts we need to improve that strategy according to the people that did the um research and of course we already knew this high backlinks high quality backlinks are what we’re going to need to do and we’re going to talk about how we get those as we continue to

Update this case study the website appears for about 193 keywords on Google and none of them are ranking in the top three position and that’s why we’re not getting any traffic here also currently 70% of the keywords uh are ranking for informational keywords like I had mentioned before there’s two posts that

Is uh that are getting the most traffic and they’re informational they’re people searching for information but they’re not really ready to convert yet so that’s going to be what we focus on is to try and rank for more transactional keywords which we talk about also in the

Google ads course link down in the description for our Google ads course where we talk about informational transactional and other types of keywords that you’re trying to get people uh onto your site with and some of them work better for conversions so again we also failed in

The page speed insights so we failed completely we are actually actively working on that now we meaning the person I hired to actually do this stuff is already actively working on improving so that we get our core web vitals passing and also working on some of the technical SEO that we had

Mentioned earlier so again here’s the results from sem Rush this is kind of like a baseline you can see where we’re at now next video hopefully this improves or we’re at least working towards improving this so that we bring our Authority score up much higher the thing is when you increase your

Authority score you increase your organic traffic and the number of keywords you’re going to find that the value of your website is going up while I’m investing money right now I do have a belief and a strong belief that this is going to pay off in the end just like

When you put a new roof on your house you put new windows the value of that house goes up that’s what we’re doing here online and we’re trying to make it more valuable another problem I mentioned in the last video again was that our total

Clicks in the last 3 months is about 391 meaning we’re only getting about 100 clicks a month on this website so we need to really bump that up so here we are on the amount of money spent so far and the results okay I have some images

Here to back up my claims here for people that want to see images but whatever so here we go we spent money and we got some results we spent $3,000 to get the Aged domain all of the content and the the website okay talked about that last video SEO reports and

Analysis cost me $0 because I utilized the free services from upwork for people that are looking to get this job there were several people that would provide the SEO reports and Analysis free so if you’re going to do this use upwork I think as a good idea you’ll get these

Free reports developed two landing pages again didn’t cost anything other than my own time because I used templates from the PowerHouse affiliate template library and just turn them into landing pages for this particular Niche plugins cost me $0 so far because I’m not using any active paid plugins for this project

Yet Google ads I spent $158 97 cents testing these two landing pages since February 24th when we started this project mind you the ads have only been running about 2 days because I’m doing the update now I posted the video last week and so far I’ve spent about

$158 on three campaigns three different campaigns all going to those two landing pages and we’re going to be optimizing as we go revenue from the Google ads is $64 so far so we did get some conversions which is nice okay you can see the two conversions here one

Campaign is profitable out of the gates which is maybe lucky maybe it’s lucky because really this is peanuts for spend okay you can’t base your results on a $158 of spend but one of the campaigns is in fact profitable you can see the cost per conversion is around

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$14.89 so with that in mind we will make sure that we focus on that campaign and see why that one’s working better but for now it’s still too early to make any major decisions revenue from the email list so we’re collecting emails also in these paid ad campaigns and the whole

Method is described in the CPA course like I said on Powerhouse affiliate where we create paid ad campaigns we collect emails we do some optimizations we automate the back end and we start making money so that we can offset our ad costs all of that described in that

Course so check it out if you’re interested it’s down below it’s easy to access it’s $29 to join Powerhouse affiliate you get access to all of those courses that we have we do we do have the master class Google ads course also linked down below for an extra $97 so

The prices for our courses is really low compared to some of the places you find other courses online um revenue from our SEO is zero obviously right now we’re not making any money from from that um revenue from our ad widgets also zero though we just added them so we’re going

To keep an eye on those and we’re going to see the money coming in below the posts and on the sidebars we have some ad widgets that I mentioned before lastly our total profit and loss so far on this project is $3,129 197 and that is mainly because of the

Price we paid for the website and basically if you wanted to do this for much cheaper you could actually just build the website yourself from scratch as described earlier the link is below but basically you could do this for much cheaper probably for hundreds of dollars versus thousands of dollars so you can

See here the conversions from Google we have commissions earned this is the email list the email list is earned $15 one conversion because uh you can’t really see behind my my image here let me see if I can move it over it shows that I got 39

Emails uh from the campaign so 39 emails based on that $158 in spend plus two conversions plus uh well three conversions we got an email conversion as well so we’re going to be optimizing this I’ll give some more details as we go through uh this case study on where

Most money is being made we’ll talk about the email Automation in the back end all of that and as well provide more updates as we continue to try to monetize this both with SEO traffic and paid ads so next steps we’ll be fixing and updating the technical SEO like

Loading speed FAQ schema XML site Maps the ads text is missing all of these things are little technical things that can help your SEO and all of those things can be found using tools like ah refs or sem rush or other reporting mechanisms we’ll be working on their Google ads conversion rates and

Optimizing those campaigns to convert visitors into more customers also getting traffic to the actual website to help boost our SEO we’ll be doing regular analysis to see the traffic and overall targeted volume and we’re also going going to be implementing more ads here from Bing Facebook and we’re going

To run these parallel with our SEO work to try and make this faster that is why it is probably uh the six Monon time frame might be a stretch but we’re hoping to to do it and when I say we it’s me hiring people to help me do this through

Upw work we have one SEO guy hired so far so when I say we it’s me and him working on this right now but it’s my money and it’s me setting up these paid ad campaigns and really the paid ad campaign side of it will be me I am not

Going to be hiring media buyers for this project because I feel like once I get the the site up and running on its own I’m going to be hiring people to do the technical content SEO stuff but where I bring value here is in the media buying

And I really think that that’s where I want to spend most of my time is getting this site to a point where either it’s making $110,000 profit a month from both SEO and paid so that we can sell it or just keep running the paid media until

Those campaigns can be scaled more or whatever it is but all of these things are things that we’re going to be discussing in the coming weeks so if you want to keep up to date with this please don’t forget to subscribe to the channel post your comments below and hopefully

Uh you have your own insights that you would like to share thanks for watching and we’ll see you next update

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