Today what we’re going to look at is some of the best niches for SEO to rank number one and I’m going to break down all the workflows all the tools you can use how to do the step by step and this is one of the best ways to find high

Paying money making niches that you can actually rank in and we’re just going to get straight into it plus I’m going to break down everything into a step-by-step SRP let’s go now what I’ve actually done here is create a Google Sheets template tracker that you can actually use to find nich’s based on

What’s working for me right so this is basically how I’ve always picked niches that perform pretty well when it comes to making money basically you’re going to fill out the niche examples of low domain rating websites ranking because we want to find low Authority sites ranking in that particular Niche

Otherwise it’s going to be very hard to compete if it’s all authority sites ideally we want to find at least 50 low keyword difficulty keywords for that particular Niche but I’ll cover that in more detail in a minute we’ll look through some of the best monetization

Methods and how to pick them and we want to see okay am I actually passionate or slightly optimistic or interested in this subject if that’s like a zero out of 10 then I don’t think you have to be like obsessed with the subject you’re going to be talking about but at the

Same time you do want to find something that you have some sort of interest in otherwise you’re probably going to abandon the project and finally overall score as well so basically how well did these four columns perform we might add some more to that but that’s basically

What we’re going to start out with for now and if you want to get access access to that I’m going to create this stepbystep SAP with all the templates trackers and tools that I mentioned today so that you or your team can easily follow this now just for the sake

Of ease we’re going to focus on the US and english-based markets today foreign markets are typically a lot easier to compete in but I think just for the sake of Niche research Etc we can focus on English for now now if you st for ideas and that sort of thing what you can

Actually do is go to ClickBank and their Marketplace as you can see right here and if we go over to top offers we can filter by the graphity score basically that’s a score based on the number of unique Affiliates generating sales this just gives us some inspiration for what

We could talk about now a lot of these keywords as you can see right here are health related I wouldn’t recommend going into health related topics unless you’re willing to hire a doctor for your content it’s going to get very expensive it’s going to be very messy Etc you

Might need an expert and also if you put out the wrong information is quite dangerous right so I wouldn’t recommend going after health related topics and also bear in mind like some of these topics are actually quite spamming so for example if we go to self-help over

Here we can look at some of the top converting offers and once we found an offer that looks interesting what you can actually do is plug that into ATS or any sort of tool similar to this like ranking or semrush and you can check which pages are actually linking to this

One and sort by Page traffic so pages that are actually ranking on Google that are linking directly to this page now if you see some low Dr sites pointing to it directly that gives you an idea of whether you can realistically compete or not I’m just going to filter this to one

Link per domain so that we filter out any duplicates and that gives us an idea of a potential Niche we could go into whether we could realistically compete so anything below dr30 is usually a good sign especially if it’s getting traffic additionally what you can actually do is

Take the website that’s linking out to this affiliate page so for example this website right here is linking out to this affiliate right here and if they’re a lowd our site we can look at okay how are they competing and what sort of keywords are they going for right so we

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Can see this particular website rank of 13,700 traffic it’s been okay since all the updates if we actually have a look over the last 6 months since the helpful content update we can see they’re actually performing really well and if we go to the organic keywords right here

We can look at what sort of keywords are going for whether it’s realistic for us to compete and if we look down the list of keywords right here you can see the this site is ranking for loads of low competition keywords it’s kind of like the spiritual data niche as you can see

Right here you can actually see from this particular list so we’ve got 50 results per page that we have loads of keywords with a KD lower than 10 so we can put yes in our column right here we can plug this example site into column b

As examples of lad our sze ranking we can also look at how they’re monetizing their website so we know that they’re using ClickBank products and also if you take a look at their website they’re actually using ads as well to monetize and then you just look through the competitive site that you’ve actually

Found look at the monetization methods right so for example are they monetizing with ads or ClickBank or courses Etc and how passionate are you about the topic right so there’s probably some people watching this and the like no chance am I doing a website about spiritual dating

But from here you can get an overall feel and an overall score for how well this is performing now ideally you don’t want to just find one dr30 competing you want to find multiple spiritual data websites or whatever Niche you’re looking at with a lowr competing pretty

Well now what you can actually do if you want to find more competitors is we can go to organic competitors on HF over here and then we can go through the list now we can also sort by Dr in this column to find lower domain rating websites ranking again this is super

Important because if you’re trying to rank with like Dr 80s in the top 10 you’ve just got no chances a new competing website coming in unless you’re very very good at building backlinks maybe you’re own link building agency or something now if we sort by Dr

And then we also look at the traffic as well we can see that there are some for example Dr 0.2 websites getting traffic but that’s not a lot of traffic for a website right especially this you wouldn’t look at them as a website to model essentially but we could take this

Website down here getting okay traffic is not as good as a comparitor we currently have and additionally what we can also do is if we go down to keywords over here we can look at some of these keywords look at the first page of Google ideally we want to see at least

Two or three lowd sites competing on the first page of Google Now additionally what you’re also going to find is other Niche ideas as you go through right so we can see for example a dr9 right here competing for similar keywords related more to like Charisma and stuff like

That but they are ranking in the serps they are getting traffic they are a lowd site and if we check out the keywords we can reverse engineer what else are they going for and how are they monetizing and then again you can just loop around add the next Niche add examples of

Websites check if they’ve got lots of low KD keywords monetization methods Etc now this is really important as well I see a lot of people who find niches and they start ranking but then 9 months down the line they have no idea how they’re going to monetize the content

Once they actually start ranking so for me for example I think it’s important to focus on money not views I mean if you look at my most recent videos for example these might get less views but actually that’s totally fine if they convert better so for example I could

Get like 100,000 views on a video if it doesn’t convert into leads or sales then what’s a point right and it’s the same with Niche research so this column is probably the most important out of all of them no point spending 9 months trying to rank for a keyword that

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Doesn’t make any money actually if you look at all three of these ways of making money right here ads is okay but I think that’s slowly dying out ClickBank okay but you actually only get a tiny percentage of the sale and the revenue but courses and info products

Are probably where you’re going to make the most money you know usually they have very high profit margins and if you sell an info product so you have more control over the monetization process right whereas for example ClickBank you have less control you’re relying on other suppliers and you’re going to get

A lower percentage in terms of sales so just to recap we have covered two different methods already for Niche research right so number one is check out the clickback marketplace find high gravity products reverse engineer who’s linking to that page do the competitive research from there using this tracker

Right here and focus on low drr websites method number two is to check out organic competitors then check out their keywords and find and analyze other lowr sites ranking for those keywords and again you will build out and find more niches from here now another opportunity

That a lot of people Overlook I think in SEO right now is actually going for Relevant keywords in local areas right now for me when I’m trying to rank with locco SEO I’m not trying to go for the maps listings instead I’m trying to go for organic that’s just a personal

Preference and I think that the maps listings are basically a totally different algorith so how do I do this and I only want to teach you methods that actually work for me now this is great if you already have a service or a product in mind that you want to sell so

Let’s say for example you are an SEO expert right you’re like okay I want to rank for SEO expert related stuff but I don’t know where to go what to go for I can have a look at matching terms inside at and you again you can use any tool

You want for this we’re going to look for low keyword difficulty keywords right here and if we go down the list right now we can see that actually there’s loads of keywords that we could still rank for that are very very easy right so we’ve got Shopify SEO expert

Attorney SEO expert best SEO expert WordPress SEO expert Etc that we can go through down the list and if you look at a lot of these keywords for example you’ll see for example San Jose expert okahoma City SEO expert California SEO expert like if you went for a website

That was just SEO expert directory listings and you have a Charged other people to be on the website to advertise or you sold your own Services there’s actually quite a lot of keywords you could actually compete with right so we got 345 keywords right here we can see

By the CPC that these have commercial intent and commercial value because people are actually bidding organically for these particular keywords otherwise the CPC would be zero but again we need to find low Dr sites ranking so what we can actually do is for example if we look at the keyword

Shopy SEO expert we can see it’s got decent traffic potential we can see the keyword difficulty is pretty easy right here and if we scroll down to the first page we can see that the domain rating of some of these websites is super low but they’re still ranking and they’re

Still getting traffic to their site so what we can do from there is we can check out that low drsi ranking and we can see what sort of keywords they’re going for now now here’s the thing as well like I said before the traffic actually doesn’t matter right so for

Example if we plug this into our spreadsheet right here we’ve got an example of a dr2 which is very very low that website doesn’t have many back links or much Authority at all we’ve found multiple low keyword difficulty keywords that we can rank for as we talked about before so we’ve actually

Found 345 low competition keywords you could easily monetize with ads you could potentially sell directory listings for example you know you’ve got websites like clutch out there that monetize their websites with directory listings and you could also sell a service now if you’re an SEO expert for example your

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Passion for that project might be like 9 out of 10 and even though the traffic is low for this particular Niche that’s okay you could land some clients who are like worth $10,000 or $20,000 right that’s the reality of SEO if they’re paying you for a service and you giveing

Value now what you can actually do is you can take the data from the spreadsheet that you filled out and ideally you want to have like 10 or 15 or 20 different niches inside the spreadsheet and you can say to chat GPT okay objectively analyze which of these

Niches is the best and then chat GPT as he can see right here is going to look at the pros and the cons of each Niche that you found and finally give you a verdict based on the breakdown right so it’s actually analyzed the different niches and then object effectively told

You which one is the best now this works best if it’s like 10 or 15 different niches but this method works very very well and so once you have 10 to 20 different niches analyze the best options you can use something like this run it through your favorite tool and

Just look at the pros and cons plus the overall verdict and before you go ahead right there’s a few other things that you need to realize so number one is can you actually produce the best content on that topic because it might be like low Dr sites can compete but it’s because

Their content is really really good another is do you have enough eat right so are you an expert or can you find an expert to actually create and write the content this is becoming more and more important so for example I ran this poll yesterday it’s already got 89 votes

Right here and you can see how important eat is becoming when it comes to ranking in the eyes of most fos so if you can’t produce any signs of expertise authoritativeness experience and Trust on your website is going to be very very difficult to actually Rank and one other thing I

Would say is like can you actually commit to this project right so I see loads of seos just start loads of different websites but they don’t make money from any of them final thing I would say is give 7even days to two weeks before going ahead right this is

Probably the most important decision you’re going to make when it comes to SEO and your website and if you just rush into it you might have like one year of work to do without getting any results so that’s it I’ve covered five different ways to do Niche research as

We’ve talked about right here plus I’ve given you the niche research template tracker there are many other ways to do SEO Niche research but these are some of the ways that have worked for me previously and if you want me to cover even more Niche research methods in even

More detail feel free to comment below or ask any questions you have if you want to get free access to all the prompts templates and workflows that we’ve talked about today along with a bunch of other tutorials you can get free access to that inside the SEO Niche

Research section of my free course links in the comments and description so the SB is right here as you can see and you can get free access to that if you do want to book in a free SEO strategy session about how to get more leads

Traffic and sales with SEO feel free to book there and we’ll show you how we take websites from 0 to 145,000 businesses per month and generate thousands of dollars in sales on autopilot with SEO and you’ll basically get an SEO domination plan or answer any questions you have and you’ll discover

How to out rank you compell it it feel free to book that in it’s completely free and links in the comments and description thanks so much for watching appreciate it bye-bye

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